The Fragrances of the 4711 Brand

Tradition Meets Innovation

4711 is one of the most well-known brands worldwide – experience the versatility of this traditional brand

For 222 years, 4711 Original Eau de Cologne has been synonymous with sensuality, emotion and those very special moments in life. A fragrance with a rich heritage and tradition that includes the secret of its recipe and its birthplace, the iconic house on Cologne’s Glockengasse. In addition to the classic scent 4711 Original Eau de Cologne, the 4711 segments also include other successful innovations such as the aroma therapy series Acqua Colonia.

The 4711 Fragrances

4711: Invigorating Fragrance Compositions

4711 represents global success made in Cologne. Through the legendary 4711 Original Eau de Cologne, this brand has achieved cult status in numerous countries. And also 4711 Acqua Colonia takes pleasure about big popularity because of the elegant retro design and the unusual ingredients. All fragrances of the 4711 portfolio embody perfume art and history equally.

4711 Original Eau de Cologne

4711 Echt Koelnisch Wasser

4711 Original Eau de Cologne – one of the world’s most famous scents and a brand that is recognised all over the globe. For 222 years, 4711 Original Eau de Cologne has been treasured by generations for its stimulating effect and iconic design. In recognition of its unrivalled standing and enduring popularity, the German Standards honoured 4711 Original Eau de Cologne as one of the “Brands of the Century”.

A truly unique scent that masterfully blends essential oils of orange, bergamot, neroli, lavender and rosemary to create a cologne that is refreshing, relaxing and revitalising. The exact recipe has been a closely guarded secret since 1792. The light, invigorating top note gives 4711 Original Eau de Cologne its characteristic and pleasant fragrance. The bottle, with its traditional Molanus shape and the label in Bremer blue and gold, is a true design icon and had made 4711 Original Eau de Cologne one of the most instantly recognised brands worldwide.

4711 Remix Cologne Anniversary Edition 225 years

A heartfelt homage to the iconic 4711 Original Eau de Cologne

Some brands stand the test of time. For generation after generation, they continue to exert their power and develop an almost mythical status. A benchmark for eau de colognes, 4711 Original Eau de Cologne is celebrating its 225th anniversary with a special limited edition. We started by asking ourselves a simple question: how can 4711 Original Eau de Cologne be reinterpreted in all its multi-facetted dimensions? The answer will be revealed in May 2017 with the release of the stylish flacon for 4711 Remix Cologne.


4711 Cologne in 2017

What kind of scent would a classic cologne exhibit today? What ingredients would we use to impart that inimitable sense of freshness, lightness and invigoration? 4711 Remix Cologne unites the same ingredients found in 4711 Original Eau de Cologne, but this time in a new combination enhanced with gentle notes. A homage to a great classic scent, the new recipe will win over new admirers just as much as it appeals to established fans. A remix of sensual impressions, it reinvents the familiar while creating something fresh and original.


Commissioning the 'noses'

The fragrance house 4711 places great emphasis on creating multi-facetted olfactory compositions. 4711 Remix Cologne gets its distinctive notes from our own perfumer Alexandra Kalle and Firmenich's Vincent Schaller. It was these distinguished 'noses' who were given the challenge of reinterpreting one of the world's oldest brands and one of the classic creations of the perfume world.

4711 Acqua Colonia

Acqua Colonia from the House of 4711 is a range of exceptional fragrance and care products to inspire body, emotions and senses. The range uses selected natural ingredients that have a positive, mood-enhancing effect and combines these in innovative, breathtaking fragrance creations.

  • White Peach & Coriander 
    Balancing: Leaves you behind light-hearted and comfortable
    This balancing fragrance is pure balm for the stressed soul. The enchanting aroma of white peach enchants the senses.
  • Lime & Nutmeg
    Refreshing: The fruity, sweetly tart aroma of lime stimulates and refreshes, giving the new ACQUA COLONIA Lime & Nutmeg fragrance a lively zestiness. This contrasts with the spicy, warm, aphrodisiac aroma of nutmeg.
  • Pink Pepper & Grapefruit
    Euphorizing: a cheerful, lively fragrance.
    The spicy, fresh scent of pink pepper is combined with fruity, zesty grapefruit in a mood-lifting composition that sparks pure joy.
  • Mandarine & Cardamom
    Energizing: an energetic, tangy composition.
    The pleasant aroma of mandarine is harmoniously combined with exotically spicy cardamom to create an energizing, inspiring fragrance.
  • Lemon & Ginger
    Vitalizing: a fragrance with a vitalizing effect.
    It embodies the lightness of summer, and transports the senses to sunny Sicily. A fascinating encounter between vitalizing lemon and stimulating ginger.
  • Blood Orange & Basil
    Stimulating: a composition that stimulates the senses.
    The fresh creation of exotic, sun-drenched blood orange and the spicy, characteristic fragrance of the basilica lifts the mood and brings holiday feelings into the everyday life.
  • Green Tea & Bergamot
    Calming: a soothing, warm composition
    The fresh creation of exotic, sun-drenched blood orange and the spicy, characteristic fragrance of the basilica lifts the mood and brings holiday feelings into the everyday life.
  • Coffee Bean & Vetyver
    Stimulating: a lively composition
    This vivacious character fragrance is truly exceptional and concise. Its stimulating effect teases out vital energy and provides inner strength.

4711 Wunderwasser

4711 Wunderwasser

The famous film director Billy Wilder once said, “Anyone who doesn't believe in miracles isn't a realist!”. 4711 has captured the essence of a moment like this in the new twin fragrance 4711 Wunderwasser.

Wonders are something very special. They are multifaceted and they are inherently individual – but what they all have in common is a sense of awe. Now, 4711 has created a fragrance that captures this sense of wonder. This new twin fragrance was designed with young people aged from 20 to 40 in mind: open for new and unexpected experiences.

The women’s fragrance captivates with the gentle transparency of lotus blossom. The fragrance opens with a refreshing, reviving note composed around energetic, zesty pomelo, Tunisian neroli and lentisque - the blossom of the pistachio tree, tempered by the gentle transparency of lotus blossom. The heart note sparkles vivaciously with the contrast of pink pepper, luscious honey and the powdery scent of iris, which gradually fades into a base that is rounded off with delicate sandalwood and a hint of vanilla cocooned in soft musk.

The vibrantly fresh opening note of the men's fragrance presents a citrusy cocktail of mandarin, bergamot and lemon, paired with the lively spice of black pepper from Madagascar. In the heart note, this bold composition expresses its charismatic, rugged male personality with pure lavender, star anise, iris butter and cistus. The effervescent top and heart notes give way to a sensuously captivating base of patchouli, teak and sandalwood, traces of driftwood with a soft caress of tonka bean.

The bottles, which were created by the renowned designer Peter Schmidt, are a symphony of light and water, represented in the appealing combination of cool glass and multi-hued shades of blue.

4711 Nouveau Cologne

4711 Nouveau Cologne

Nouveau Cologne creates a moment of peace and inspiration on a hectic day. On the symbolic date 4.7.11 Nouveau Cologne made its world debut.

Nouveau Cologne is a wonderful new scent – and more. Nouveau Cologne refreshes the senses and inspires one to find fresh energy – a feel-good scent. The harmoniously fruity freshness paired with the calming effect of the evodia fruit is unusual. Embedded in aromas of blackcurrants, silky peonies, and warm sandalwood, a uniquely sensual scent experience has been created.

Due to its calming effect, the evodia plant has been prized in Chinese medicine for centuries. The aim of Nouveau Cologne to create a positive counterpoint to hectic daily life is impressively underscored with the aid of this precious herbal extract. The message: I Feel Nouveau!