Mäurer & Wirtz Werte

The Values of Mäurer & Wirtz

Conquering the world of frangrances together

A confident and modern family company, whose commitment to and love for the profession shapes all interaction.

Despite the success, what truly distinguishes Mäurer & Wirtz is its essence: the soul of the company, its values and spirit. The company is in its fifth generation of family ownership and is making its presence felt day by day. The values of a family company such as dependability and appreciation of individuals are reflected in our day-to-day interaction and cooperation – both internally and to the outside world.

This fosters commitment and opens the creative leeway of employees, something which they greatly appreciate. The Wirtz family has a strong presence in the company, through which great identification with the company is evoked. Our largest culture project is a further step in shaping the everyday working environment together and motivates us to work on mutual goals. Our employees sense this, as do our partners who are a part of this strong dynamic.

In our company the individual is in focus. The human resources and the involvement of these individuals with their knowledge and ideas are paramount.