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Executive Management

With tradition and strong company leadership into the future

Under the leadership of Managing Partner Dr. Hermann Wirtz and Chief Executive Officer Martin Hampe, there are seven departments of company management at Mäurer & Wirtz. It is with extensive expertise, great passion and a clear vision that managers and company leadership guide Mäurer & Wirtz successfully into the future. The company has been shaped by 170 years of experience as a fragrance manufacture – which is incidentally the driving force behind our innovation.

Martin Hampe – Chief Executive Officer

Martin Hampe, Chief Executive Officer at Mäurer & Wirtz

Together, Dr. Hermann Wirtz and Martin Hampe constitute the company’s leadership. Martin Hampe has been Chief Executive Officer at Mäurer & Wirtz since January 2017. Prior to this, he was active in various strategic functions where he assumed complete company leadership in diverse owner-operated companies. As Managing Partner, Dr. Hermann Wirtz continues to drive the success of the family-owned Mäurer & Wirtz forward. This company based in the Rhineland has been owner-operated for five generations.

Our Company Leadership

As a strong partner in the world of fragrances, we are completely dedicated to our brands

Our company leadership and departments are passionately devoted to our brands and together create harmonious overall concepts for each of our fragrances. Learn about our company leadership and departments here. 

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Nadine Rebentisch – Marketing & New Business

Mäurer & Wirtz Nadine Rebentisch
Nadine Rebentisch, Director Marketing & New Business

In her role as Marketing Director, Nadine Rebentisch coordinates all activities in the area of marketing analysis, targeted product development, and marketing. The Marketing department develops strategies for our brands – the visions about how fragrances could smell, who they should appeal to, what names they will feature, how the packaging design looks, and how the products are presented in advertisements and in stores. Fragrance concepts are born here, and this is also where the right communication strategies are developed. All of this takes place with a view to the latest trends and always according to the needs of consumers. The New Business department also places a special focus on current trends, analyses the market continuously and checks for new opportunities. The entire marketing team applies plenty of creativity, innovation, and strategic vision to influence how the fragrances from Mäurer & Wirtz transport consumers to emotional, personally relevant dream worlds. For all existing and future fragrance lines in the current and future brand portfolio of the company.

Reinhard Brill – Sales GER/AT/IKAM

Mäurer & Wirtz Reinhard Brill
Reinhard Brill, Sales Director GER/AT/IKAM

As Sales Director, Reinhard Brill is responsible for managing sales in Germany and Austria and international key accounts in various countries in Eastern Europe. In addition to Sales Management, the Sales department is divided into further sub-departments including Key Account Management, External Sales, Category Management, and Training. Key Account Management forms the interface between trade partners and acts as a trustworthy bridge between all shared business interests. As well as realising clearly defined results and distribution goals, the main focus is on the development and implementation of customer-specific strategies and marketing concepts. The External Sales staff act as competent contact partners for our trade partners on-site and support them on all issues to do with selling our products. The Category Management department works closely together with retailers as an objective partner. Its specific aim is to serve the purchasing requirements of fragrance buyers in store as well as possible. With the help of individually developed training concepts, the Training department provides extensive product and sales knowledge to retailers and employees in order to provide optimal and specific advice and assistance to those who use the fragrances to make their daily lives more pleasant.

Jan Marcel Katuin – International Sales

Mäurer & Wirtz Jan Marcel Katuin
Jan Marcel Katuin, International Sales Director

Sales Director Jan Marcel Katuin is responsible for the international markets of Mäurer & Wirtz. Whether this means Europe, the Middle East, Africa, America, or Asia: The international heads, who know a great deal about the countries that they support, work in Area Management to ensure that we enjoy mutual success with our brands together with our partners worldwide. To that end, the sales representatives are in daily contact with distributors and key accounts and make regular site visits. This allows them to analyse the market precisely and gain a deeper understanding of the needs and requirements of the respective country. Our goals are the introduction and expansion of the presence of the brands, and a consistent, continuous improvement of market processes. Fragrances produced in Stolberg, Germany, available in stores around the world: That's Mäurer & Wirtz.

Yvonne Jussen – Human Resources

Mäurer & Wirtz Yvonne Jussen
Yvonne Jussen, Director Human Resources

As Director of Human Resources, Yvonne Jussen is responsible for the most valuable resource of the company: Its employees. Together with her team, she develops and implements the personnel strategy for Mäurer & Wirtz and coordinates the entire operative staffing process. Recruiting new employees and training existing staff are the main focus of this department, helping us ensure that our employees are well qualified and motivated. Value-adding, values-based personnel work is always a key factor in the strategic activities devised and implemented by the Human Resources Department.

Erhard Loths - Supply Chain Management & Controlling

Mäurer & Wirtz Erhard Loths
Erhard Loths, Director Supply Chain Management & Controlling

Under the direction of Erhard Loths, the Controlling department organises the planning, coordination, and monitoring tasks of the company. This enables it to supply the management team and individual departments with the tools and information they require, and to introduce any necessary adjustments. Projects for the optimisation of internal systems and processes are also coordinated by this department. The Supply Chain Management department controls production according to customer needs, including the necessary supply of raw materials and packaging. It also coordinates customer deliveries via our logistics partner. Ensuring punctual delivery to our customers is a special concern – since we place high standards not only on reaching our own goals, but those of our partners as well.

Andreas Hildebrand - Procurement & Packaging Development

Mäurer & Wirtz Andreas Hildebrandt
Andreas Hildebrandt, Director Procurement & Packaging Development

As Director of Procurement and Packaging Development, Andreas Hildebrandt and his team are responsible for the strategic and operative procurement of all goods and external services. At the same time, this department is responsible for the design and technical implementation of all packaging and printed images. Supplier management, international markets, cost analysis – and always with a focus on key issues: Increasing efficiency, reducing risks, ensuring quality, and introducing innovative technologies and packaging concepts to the company. And last, but not least: Continuing to develop professional, partner-oriented cooperation with our suppliers to ensure optimal long-term value creation and profit contributions.

Dieter Golombek – Operations & Production

Mäurer & Wirtz Dieter Golombek
Dieter Golombek, Director of Operations

As Production Director, Dieter Golombek is responsible for coordinating 160 employees involved with production, filling, and dispatching all of the products from Mäurer & Wirtz. This department breathes life into product ideas, and fragrances become a complete work of art here when the perfume and its flask form a harmonious whole. In addition to pre-production, filling, and the constant optimisation of technical processes, continuous quality control – from development to production and delivery – is one of the main tasks of this department. The passionate coordination of these processes ensures the reliability of production targets and a consistent level of productivity of more than 95 percent. Ultimately, our passionate quality standards are the cornerstone of our work.