Mäurer & Wirtz Integrierte Leistungen

Integrated Services of Mäurer & Wirtz

Concentrated Expertise under a Single Roof

All areas from conception and perfume development to marketing and production intertwine at a single location

Classics, fashionable trend fragrances and premium concepts – at Mäurer & Wirtz each perfume segment is managed with concentrated expertise. In this way, existing brands are further developed and new products are created. What brings together all company activities concerning the individual brands are the high standards we have for our integrated solutions for business partners: international research and development teams work with the world’s best perfume makers to create new scents. Experienced marketing specialists devote themselves to optimal product features from to design to outer packaging. Communication experts ensure the best possible marketing – from POS materials to coordinating international measures and marketing campaigns. Sales professionals develop specific concepts suited to each business partner both on a national and international level. Consistent portfolio management ensures that our program is always up-to-date. All of these activities take place at one location. The successful completion of these tasks cannot only be attributed to our employees’ uncompromising standard of quality and first-rate quality management, because what always distinguishes Mäurer & Wirtz is the love of fragrances – and the deep passion for this line of work.

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Integrated services from a single source – our expertise

  • Conception and Perfume Creation
  • Product Features, Packaging Concept and Product Design
  • Marketing, Advertising and Communications
  • Business Partner Concepts and Distribution
  • Quality Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Production


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