Change of the Chief Executive Officer at Mäurer & Wirtz

Change of the Chief Executive Officer at Mäurer & Wirtz

On 1 January 2017, Martin Hampe took over the position of the Chief Executive Officer of Mäurer & Wirtz as successor of Thomas Seeger-Helbach.

After nearly 20 years of tenure in a variety of positions, most recently since 2012 as a successful Chief Executive Officer, Thomas Seeger-Helbach has decided to resign from his post as Chief Executive Officer of Mäurer & Wirtz, effective 31 December 2016, in order to devote himself to his own family business.

Stolberg, 6 September 2016 – ‘We deeply regret the decision by Thomas Seeger-Helbach’, Dr. Hermann Wirtz remarked, ‘and we respect it. We would like to thank him for his dedication and his long-standing contribution to the success of our company. At the same time, we are pleased to remain in touch with him as a friend of the firm. On the strength of the relationship of trust that has developed over the years, Thomas Seeger-Helbach will remain available to the shareholders, the Advisory Board and the company in future, as a partner in dialogue.’ 

Thomas Seeger-Helbach was succeeded by Martin Hampe, who, following appropriate orientation, assumed his predecessor’s position effective 1 January 2017.

He manages the business of Mäurer & Wirtz together with the Managing Partner, Dr. Hermann Wirtz.

After receiving his MBA in the USA, the 55-year-old held a variety of strategic and operational positions before taking on roles with company-wide leadership and responsibility in several owner-managed companies.

‘We are convinced’, Dr. Hermann Wirtz pointed out, ‘that we have found in Mr Hampe a person capable of continuing the successful development of Mäurer & Wirtz.’