Fragrances of the Betty Barclay Brand

Enchanting Femininity

Betty Barclay: Charming fragrance compositions that accompany modern women through everyday life.

Fragrances by Betty Barclay radiate romance, femininity and playfulness – an enchantment that even extends to the lovingly designed packaging design. This natural femininity makes them a popular companion for young women in their everyday lives.

The Betty Barclay Fragrances

Betty Barclay: for unforgettable moments

Betty Barclay is a fashion and lifestyle brand for the modern woman – women who naturally combine confident femininity and emotional sensuality. This is exactly the attitude that fragrances by Betty Barclay exude: these fragrances allow women to accentuate the facets of their personality they would like to realise.

Betty Barclay Dream Away

Dreams are like balloons: if you have enough of them, they can carry you anywhere. Above the streets and over the rooftops of the city, they soar into the sky, up to the cotton wool clouds, and let dreams run wild. Betty Barclay's new feminine and playful fragrance for women awakens its wearer's deepest desires that have been waiting for so long to be released and put into action.

Betty Barclay Pure Sun

The sun on your skin, a light breeze and turquoise sea, the shimmering sun in the sky and a golden sandy beach for miles and miles – that's Betty Barclay Pure Sun. Inspired by a very special favourite place: Summer – sun – beach Betty Barclay Pure Sun is available in shops from the beginning of March 2021, this is a perfect match for spring.

Betty Barclay Oriental Bloom

The new Betty Barclay Oriental Bloom fragrance for women transports the wearer to the enchanting streets of Marrakech with its magical squares, captivating colours, mosaicked walls and tantalising oriental smells and captures a place of timeless elegance in the heart of a vibrant city. The new Betty Barclay fragrance and complementing care products will be available from stores from the middle of July 2020.

Betty Barclay Tender Love

Love is like a delicate plant that wants to be cherished and cared for. There is hardly anything more magical than to watch and feel the blossoming of those early buds, marking the beginning of a truly enchanting time! Betty Barclay Tender Love is a delightful extension of Betty Barclay Tender Blossom – a fragrance that brings romance and joyful confidence to every moment.

Betty Barclay Love Collection

With its three compositions, the Betty Barclay Love Collection stands for the moments of romance, happiness and anticipation that every woman experiences – whether she is floating in seventh heaven, remembering those special moments or dreaming of them with longing. The fragrances will be available exclusively from dm from the beginning of February 2020.

Betty Barclay Brilliant Woman

Festive celebrations, romantic evenings and ladies’ nights – Betty Barclay Brilliant Woman invites you to all these dazzling occasions with three feminine fragrances. The new fragrance trilogy Betty Barclay Brilliant Woman exudes pure femininity with its sensual fragrance chords and envelops the wearer in a glittering mantle of extravagance.

Betty Barclay Bohemian Romance

The here and now can be felt with all the senses as spring casts its joyous spell upon the world. The new Betty Barclay Bohemian Romance fragrance for women captures this sense of lightness.

Betty Barclay pure pastel peach & rose

Summer 2018 is radiant in shades of peach and rosé. Fashionistas are a vision in pastel outfits with peach-coloured lips and a rosy complexion. Every beauty looks fresh and lively, spring-kissed and charmingly feminine. Stimulated by this aura, the fragrance notes of Betty Barclay pure pastel peach & rose set the tone for summer in two compositions. From May 2018, both fragrances will inspire customers to carry sunshine in their hearts and glow from the inside out.

The successful range of Betty Barclay Fragrances

Following the success of the Betty Barclay Fragrances pure style and pure pastel mint & lemon, the launch of the trend colours Peach and Rosé represents the perfect extension of this popular pastel range. Wearers can vary their daily colour and fragrance preferences according to their mood. And that has been well received: Women adore the colourful, beautiful and highly distinctive compositions of Betty Barclay Fragrances.

A dash of colour for the summer

Whether in make-up, accessories, fashion or fragrance design, tender peach and rosé tones exude summery charm. The contrast of girlish-romantic colours with a stylish, purist form is particularly appealing. Both flacons tap into the design of their predecessors in this range and catch the eye through their simple rounded shape. The finishing touch to any dressing table!

Betty Barclay Beautiful Eden

Some fragrances are like poetry. In the instant they are perceived, they evoke a sense of dreaming, feel like a gentle caress and give a fleeting indication of the wonders of the imagination. Betty Barclay Beautiful Eden transports you into a wild, enchanted garden full of the scents of many different flowers and the greenery of spring plants.

The fragrance Betty Barclay Beautiful Eden, available in shops from the beginning of March 2018, is a perfect match for the spring. The fragrance is embodied by the face of the campaign: the influencer @matiamubysofia.

The striking and sensuous flower on the packaging of the fragrance is a colourful firework display of delicate pastel hues. This is a perfect fit for the romantic flacon and its fragrant contents. Not only is the fragrance floral, but the flacon itself takes the form of a flower. The raised, frosted petals of the Eau de Parfum distinguish it from the Eau de Toilette, with its simple, transparent bottle. For the first time, Betty Barclay Fragrances is adding a Soft Shower Foam and a Moisturizing Body Mousse to the care products of its Beautiful Eden range, providing the perfect delicate finishing touch.

Betty Barclay pure pastel mint & lemon

What better way to welcome the spring than in delicate pastel shades! They are the soft precursors of summer and put everyone in a good mood. From the middle of March 2017, this will not just apply to fashion but also to the fragrance duo Betty Barclay pure pastel mint and Betty Barclay pure pastel lemon. Delicate colours captured in two fresh, floral fragrances for a soft and airy spring sensation.  

The pure pastel mint fragrance is graceful with fruity-woody tones. This is the scent of a spring-like pastel mint! After a sparkling fresh prelude of lively yuzu, blackcurrants and the aroma of pink peppercorns, the floral nuances of ylang-ylang, cyclamen and sensuous tea and rose aromas unfold in the heart notes. A soft bed of velvety sandalwood and white musk complete the fragrance.

Two beautiful dashes of colour – this is the image presented by Betty Barclay pure pastel mint and Betty Barclay pure pastel lemon. Inspired by the popular design of Betty Barclay pure style, the look of the new fragrance portfolio is both purist and feminine.

Betty Barclay Pretty Butterfly

Betty Barclay Pretty Butterfly

The carefree, playful way a butterfly beats its wings is utterly enchanting. One second it is close enough to touch, in the next instant the butterfly is out of reach. That is the fascination of the beauty of the moment, captivating and mysterious at the same time.

Betty Barclay Pretty Butterfly is sweet with the delicate scent of spring blossom, emphasising the sense of natural femininity. The wearer is surrounded by a delicate composition of aromas, which opens with a sparkling head note and moves on to soft, floral chords in the heart. The intensive scent of the precious Arabian Rose de Taïf exudes a magical attraction. A sensuous and powdery base completes the fragrance and inspires dreams.

The feminine bottle in the shape of a butterfly wing reflects the attributes of the fragrance: delicate, playful and multifaceted. The butterflies on the folding box with their aquatic blue, green and turquoise tones add a vivid splash of colour.

Betty Barclay Pure Style

Betty Barclay Pure Style

Betty Barclay is one of the most successful women’s fashion brands in Germany. Fashion trends come and go – style remains eternal. This philosophy is captured in the modern and feminine scent of Betty Barclay pure style.

Betty Barclay pure style is a transparent scent that perfectly embodies the colour white. The top note features bergamot, white freesia and white peach. This is followed by a sensually cool heart of jasmine, lily of the valley and magnolia. White ambergris, musk and cedar give depth to the soft base.

The simple, asymmetrical bottle symbolises the contrast between minimalism and sensuality. Silver details underline the minimalist look.

Betty Barclay Precious Moments

Betty Barclay Precious Moments

Betty Barclay Precious Moments starts with an arresting opening note of light, dew-sprinkled, aqueous leafy accords paired with a fruity blend of blackcurrant and raspberry. The full shining glory is revealed in the heart of the fragrance – with the dynamism of cardamom, a fruity-floral bouquet of peony and the sensuous freshness of freesia. These selected components are rounded off by musk, soft woods and the delicious combination of vanilla and caramel – a final accord that surrounds the wearer like the folds of a shimmering precious dress.

The presentation of Betty Barclay Precious Moments is instantly compelling, and the bottle and packaging express a great love of detail. The dainty glass bottle is embellished with a shiny pink bow finished with a shining crystal. The box is a subtle shade of pink; embossed diamond-inspired details give it a distinctive, glamorous look.

Betty Barclay Tender Blossom

Betty Barclay Tender Blossom

Flowers are symbols of tenderness and elegance – and they can be used to say what words cannot express. Betty Barclay Tender Blossom speaks eloquently in the language of scents in a charming composition for the romantic woman. Following the gentle freshness of the top note, which opens with melon, exotic lychee and delicate cyclamen, the heart note of Betty Barclay Tender Blossom unfolds with the sensuous magic of a freshly-picked bouquet of peony, magnolia and freesia. The fragrance finishes on a secretive, romantic note with a base of musk and sun-drenched woods.

The feminine design of the bottle and packaging is also inspired by nature. The heavy, transparent glass bottle lies in a bed of flowers: delicate, pastel blossoms give the box a sensuous, dreamy look.

Betty Barclay Woman

The three fragrance and bodycare series by Betty Barclay Woman offer the perfect scent for any occasion.

Betty Barclay Woman N°1
A truly charming scent that bubbles with positive charisma: red berries, orange, mandarin and neroli are combined in a cheerful top note. The feminine heart of the scent is transparent flowers, jasmine leaf and peony. Musk, vanilla milk, ambergris and rich woody notes are masterfully fused in the warm, sensuous base.

Betty Barclay Woman N°2
A self-assured scent with true personality: the top note opens with bergamot and rosewood, which fades into a feminine heart of violet leaves, white musk and sandalwood. A sensual base of ambergris, bourbon vanilla and cedar rounds off this stylish composition.

Betty Barclay Woman N°3
A scent that is stylish, audacious and bursting with passion: freesias and green notes create a vibrant start. The heart of rose and jasmine is rounded off by a base of sandalwood and musk.

The harmoniously balanced bottles are made of premium crystal glass in apricot (N°1), light blue (N°2) and rosé pink (N°3). Metallic elements add attractive details.