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Sustainability is not a trend, it’s the future


Sustainability that is fun!

Sustainable and deliberate shopping - without having to compromise on style and functionality. This claim has become commonplace for many, but sometimes it can be a challenge when shopping. With perfumes, the search for special and, at the same time, sustainable products has now come to an end! The new fragrance series hej:pure delights with sustainability that is fun! Fresh, clean fragrance creations and a stylish packaging design with an outstanding recyclability of 98%. From fragrance oil to folding boxes, the topic of sustainability has been completely rethought in this fragrance concept.

Sustainable packaging: Reduce – Reuse - Recycle

With a look at waste avoidance and resource conservation, hej:pure is characterised by three criteria: #REDUCE - the flacons contain recycled glass and deliberately do not have a plastic cap. In addition, only water-based, environmentally friendly inks are printed on the folding boxes made of FSC-certified cardboard consisting of 100% recycled fibres; #REUSE - the spray heads of the beautiful flacons can be easily unscrewed and the empty glass bottles can be reused for another purpose (e.g. as DIY vases). #RECYCLE - all packaging elements (spray head, glass bottle and folding box) are recyclable and the whole series hej:pure has been certified with a very good recyclability of 98% by the external “Institute Cyclos”.

Clean Fragrances

The term “Clean Beauty” stands for products free of animal testing and controversial ingredients. The “clean” here does not mean “better than”, but “free from” certain critically discussed ingredients. The motto “Less is more!” also applies to hej:pure fragrances. That is why all fragrances are 100% vegan and without phthalates, mineral and palm oil, UV and dyes.

The fragrances

Social commitment

The fragrance series implements its ecological-ethical responsibility in two ways.

#GOOD FOR COMMUNITIES: Each of the three fragrances contains a special ingredient that has been sustainably and socially sourced and promotes fair working conditions in the respective region.

#GOOD FOR THE PLANET: The entire fragrance range is climate neutral. We offset the CO2 footprint with ClimatePartner through the following Gold Standard-validated climate protection projects: #Plastic Bank: This project ensures that less plastic ends up in the sea and is recycled instead by involving the community. In Haiti, Indonesia and Brazil and the Philippines, local residents collect plastic waste from beaches and have the opportunity to exchange this ocean plastic at collection points for money, food, drinking water or school fees. #Spouts: This project, also run with Climate Partner, distributes ceramic water filters to low-income families in Uganda. The ceramic filters remove 99.9% of bacteria and thus prevent serious diseases. In this way, the project protects both the health of people who would otherwise have no access to clean drinking water and the environment: To make the available water drinkable, many families see no other option than to boil it. This produces large CO2 emissions and, depending on the region, ever larger areas are being deforested for the firewood or charcoal needed for boiling.

Our oceans are sinking in plastic! With the idea of counteracting the flood of plastic in the oceans and promoting clean water for people and the environment, hej:pure supports projects of selected aid organisations such as WWF and the World Wide Fund for Nature Germany, a nature conservation organisation: #PlastikFlut: With model projects to prevent the flood of plastic and combat its causes, the WWF is specifically working to protect the world’s oceans by promoting recycling infrastructures in Southeast Asia. Information and education campaigns for the local population as well as the implementation of workshops and training courses ensure that a stronger environmental awareness is created. In this way, the avoidance of single-use plastic through tourism, the reduction of plastic waste in marine-protected areas as well as the establishment of waste management systems are being promoted. More information at: https://www.wwf.de/plastikflut

The pure flower, pure water and pure wood fragrances will be available in all Müller shops and in the Müller online shop nationwide from the end of May to the beginning of June 2022.