Mäurer & Wirtz x Justin

Orodion: Justin's Olfactory Gold

The fragrance project that's making waves

Justin, Germany's biggest fashion influencer and founder of the fashion label “Peso”, is partnering with Mäurer & Wirtz to launch his first own-brand fragrance, Orodion, on Friday, 3 December, at 6 pm. The fan base numbering approximately 2.6 million and celebrities from the music and fashion industry cannot wait for the launch of the olfactory gold, adding more than 45,000 followers to the Orodion Instagram account in the first 24 hours and prompting more than 227,000 views of the accompanying YouTube video. The Eau de Parfum is exclusively available from the Orodion online shop at www.orodion.com.

Mäurer & Wirtz x Justin

This partnership heralds a new era in Justin's brand ecosystem
As one of Europe's leading fragrance manufacturers, Mäurer & Wirtz is taking the next forward-looking step towards e-commerce and is launching its first direct-to-consumer fragrance concept with Justin, the most in-demand fashion influencer. Together with creative agency and production company CAUTION, the Stolberg family business offers the influencer an all-round package from perfume development and production to marketing, while providing Justin's fans with the olfactory counterpart to his fashion.

“For our first direct-to-consumer fragrance concept, we wanted to work with none other than the biggest fashion influencer in Germany. We made no compromises and blew all standards out of the water. The fragrance, distribution channel and price position reflect Justin 100%. His fanbase expects nothing less. As a company, we also have the agility to take e-commerce in the fragrance sector to the next level. This project is absolutely ground-breaking.”
Stephan Kemen, CEO of Mäurer & Wirtz.

“The entire market is changing at breakneck speed. New markets and new sales structures are created almost every minute, and that also applies to communication and marketing as a whole. We are setting new standards with the Orodion project. I am delighted to be a strategic partner in this and further future-oriented developments at Mäurer &Wirtz.”
Ralf Liess, CEO & Creative Director of CAUTION

From Düsseldorf via New York to Paris, from fashion to fragrance promotion
He is popular for his luxurious lifestyle and appreciated for his recommendations. Since 2015, the Düsseldorf influencer has been inspiring his fashion-loving followers daily with new, exceptional styles. In addition to Justin's unique sense of style, the 23-year-old is idolised by his loyal community for his above-average quality standards which prompt the new fashion collections from his streetwear brand “Peso” to sell out within just a few minutes of launch. By selecting a brand name derived from “Oro”, Greek for gold and “Dion”, Dionysus, the Greek god of ecstasy, Justin wanted to demonstrate to his loyal fans that he will not disappoint them in his new venture into the world of fragrances. “I want to make the best of the best; you know that from Peso. I don't do things by halves!” says Justin in his teaser video.

His professional partners, New York perfumer Vincent Schaller and Paris-based Firmenich, a company known for its world-renowned fragrance creations, have used only the very highest quality ingredients when making Orodion – creating a powerful, unique and beguiling fragrance.

“Never having experienced a scent like this before, the fragrance immediately captivated me with its gourmet notes. You soon feel as if you were in a trance and enveloped in a woody-sweet cloud. The combination of vanilla, amber and oud is simply unfathomably harmonious and exquisite. I am very proud of the fragrance we created and how we turned Orodion into reality!”
Justin Fuchs

A unique fragrance that exudes luxury
The fragrance Orodion excels as an eau de parfum due to its complex, multi-layered structure and its harmonious play with precious, vegan raw materials. Opulent tuberose and radiant saffron notes mark the opening, coupled with powerful facets of sandalwood, nagarmotha and oakmoss in the heart. The intense, oriental fragrance is brought to a perfect close by alluring notes of warm vanilla, woody amber and powerful oud. Orodion is a luxurious fragrance that intoxicates its wearer, lending him an incredible presence.


  • Top note: violet, tuberose, saffron
  • Heart notes: nagarmotha, oak moss, sandalwood
  • Base note: vanilla, amber, oud

luxurious – elegant – oriental

A golden design
Distinctive shapes that embody masculinity, in dark blue and gold – inspired by its name, the exquisite packaging design radiates luxury. The simple yet opulent metal label engraved with “Orodion Eau de Parfum”, as well as a small Pegasus and the angular closure in a gold finish, stand in elegant contrast to the heavy black flacon. The box is also decorated with a golden strip at the lower edge. In visual terms Orodion is a high-quality, unique statement and anything but mainstream.

Orodion Eau de Parfum:

Product Size
Orodion Eau de Parfum 50ml