Fragrances of the Otto Kern Brand

Make a Unique Mark

Confidently stylish: casual and elegant everyday with Otto Kern

Otto Kern is one of the premium brands owned by the Ahlers Group, Herford. The fashion label stands for casual fashion with an emphasis on premium design and craftsmanship. The first fragrance was launched in 2006 –and since then the fragrances inspire and emphasise a stylish and sophisticated look in everyday life.

The Otto Kern Fragrances

Otto Kern: strong and confident – with a touch of elegance

The fragrances by Otto Kern represent confidence and lifestyle – and emanate these values in every situation. Ambitious people who go their own way and know exactly what they want in both their professional and private lives.

Otto Kern The Man

What kind of man am I – who am I going to be today? The four new fragrances of Otto Kern The Man are as versatile, varied and multi-layered as the man himself in terms of his character traits, snapshot moments or special occasions.

Otto Kern Signature Eau Fraiche

Otto Kern Signature Eau Fraîche is the perfect fragrance for men who go through life with confidence and style while always remaining open to new challenges. They are quick to recognise and seize any new opportunities that come their way.

Otto Kern Cool | Soft Contrast

Modern life is full of contrasts: Our clothes are a combination of street style and high fashion. We take an ambitious approach at work, while looking for balance in our private lives. Everyday life demonstrates the old truth that opposites attract!

Fragrance for women – Otto Kern Soft Contrast
In this composition, soft contrasts come together to form a dazzling fragrance experience. An intimate, fruity prelude leads on to the heart note, which beguiles the senses with exotic floral tones.

Fragrance for men – Otto Kern Cool Contrast
Black pepper gives the fresh top note a dynamic piquancy before transitioning to the masculine, aromatic heart notes.

The design makes a bold statement with its stylish, elegant colouring. Otto Kern Cool Contrast boasts an elegant colour scheme, combining masculine dark blue with silver. A classy colour combination. Otto Kern Soft Contrast uses feminine rose gold and white to underline the tender transparency and elegance of this fragrance.

Otto Kern Never Hide

The new fragrances by OTTO KERN NEVER HIDE are for courageous men and women whose recipe for success is staying true to themselves and going their own way. The twin fragrances – available from the beginning of May 2017 – make a statement: Be different, be you. Never Hide!

Otto Kern Never Hide for her
Self-assured and very feminine: the OTTO KERN NEVER HIDE fragrance for women is a feminine character fragrance. A slightly salty touch in combination with fresh bergamot makes for a surprise in the head note. The juicy pear, too, gives off an unusual, fruity aroma. White peonies, a hint of freesia, and petals of seductive jasmine unfurl a sensuous note in the heart. A gentle final note of amber caresses the wearer.

Otto Kern Never Hide for him
Attractive masculinity: the Otto Kern Never Hide fragrance for men unites classic and aromatically distinctive fragrance notes. Refreshing green apple and spicy, fruity pink pepper berries dominate the head note. Fougère elements with lavender make up the distinctively masculine heart of an OTTO KERN fragrance for men. Patchouli and dry, warm woods, as well as a hint of almondy tonka bean, give the fragrance a laconic final note.

The stylish design of Otto Kern Never Hide scores points for its attention-grabbing accents. The lettering on the packaging and the words Never Hide embossed on the glass of the bottle really catch the eye. The product portfolio for women is resplendent in summery white, combined with a bright shade of coral. Otto Kern Never Hide for him appeals to men with its masculine dark grey in combination with a cool, loud shade of blue, and with white.

Otto Kern Playful and Otto Kern Full Play

Otto Kern Playful Full Play

The Otto Kern Playful fragrance for women is a tribute to all confident, proud women who captivate those around them with playful ease. They have a high level of self-awareness and know their strengths, which know how to use them. They always keep those around them spellbound with great charisma and wits.

Otto Kern Full Play is the fragrance for bold men who don't shy away from a challenge and like to go all out. They are always ready for the next adventure and give everything. Because life is a game. And their goal is to win at all times with lots of charm and persuasiveness.

Otto Kern Playful
The fragrance‘s prelude is rather remarkable: a champagne accord intoxicates the senses and gives this extraordinary composition its exquisite note. The heart note is made up of a bouquet of Turkish roses supplemented with the mysterious aroma of the Champaka blossom. This playful seduction gradually ends with warm woods and a soft musk.

Otto Kern Full Play
Fragrances are a lot like love – some prefer harmonious chords and others are intrigued by contrasting compositions. Preferences influence our search for a partner and just as they do when selecting a suitable fragrance. In either case, the chemistry must be just right! Here one must find out which fragrance fits their personality. For example, Otto Kern Full Play has a distinguished and confident presence that allures the opposite sex.

The flacon of the women`s fragrance shines with an elegant, rosé-golden look. The man`s fragrance impresses with its cool look  in anthracite and silver-metallic.

Otto Kern Change

Otto Kern Change

Change is the driver of our times. Making new discoveries, questioning the status quo, taking on challenges and using all these experiences to grow: Otto Kern Change reflects a lifestyle that demands more of life. The modern and dynamic fragrance of Otto Kern Change leads you to a place where everything is possible if you want it enough.

Otto Kern Change Woman
The lively and fruity prelude of this fragrance is immediately spellbinding: the top note provides presence - from the very first instant. Rich layers in the heart note offer sensual elegance. In the background, soft, flattering nuances combine to create a wonderfully seductive finish.

Otto Kern Change Man
The interplay of spicy-fresh notes is intriguing: the heart note is disarming thanks to its intense masculinity. The fragrance is rounded off with a warmly sensual base note. Contrasts unite to create a harmonious and fascinating fragrance.

The progressive design makes clear statements, using cool, powerfully expressive colours which truly catch the eye. The special cut of the bottle symbolises a fresh perspective and change.

Otto Kern Signature Man

Otto Kern Signature Man

Otto Kern Signature Man is a fragrance with a fascination that mirrors the focused, modern and self-assured identity of its wearer.

The fragrance has a persuasive self-assurance and the seductive power of vigorous masculinity combined with a laid-back charm – a discreet yet exclusive companion. Bergamot, cardamom and mugwort provide a spicy, fresh elegance in the head note. Lavender, orange flower and cinnamon captivate in the heart note, fading into an elegant base note of tonka bean, musk and cedar wood.

The heavy glass bottle features a novel central detail made of glossy plastic in deep black. The Otto Kern crest is featured as a central design element.

Otto Kern Signature Supreme

Otto Kern Signature Supreme

The fragrance Otto Kern Signature Supreme is a perfect combination of modernity and masculinity. A men’s fragrance created for the determined man, who with his confidence manages to distinguish himself from the masses and make a distinct mark.

A modern, masculine fragrance that combines a vitalizing, invigorating freshness in its top note with a soothing, warm oriental layer in its base note.

The core brand values are combined in the product's design: the crest has always served as a seal of quality at Otto Kern Fashion; that is why the crest is featured as a central design element in Otto Kern Signature Supreme as well. Here, the bottle show-cases a glass body with clear lines uniquely emphasised by extraordinary edging with a high-gloss, piano-lacquer finish.

Otto Kern Commitment

Otto Kern Commitment

The twin fragrance by Otto Kern Fragrances is dedicated to the world of business; it is a fragrance concept that specifically addresses self-assured men and women who lead a conscious lifestyle: design-conscious and price-conscious.

Otto Kern Commitment Woman
A fragrance that immediately commands attention. It opens with juicy red fruit, pink pepper and a dash of bubbly rosé Champagne. In the heart note the sensuous aroma of Bulgarian roses is combined with the intoxicating femininity of jasmine and violets. White musk, a hint of cedar wood, soft vanilla and a delicate whisper of praline give the base its special charm and make a deeply feminine statement.

Otto Kern Commitment Man
The fragrance opens with an energy-laden, radiant chord of grapefruit, lime and fresh “blue mint”. The heart note unfolds to reveal fiery cardamom, aromatic wormwood and the spicy warmth of nutmeg. In the base Otto Kern Commitment Man makes a stylish statement with elegant cedar wood, vetiver and the timeless appeal of patchouli.

The flacons for Otto Kern Commitment feature a persuasively classic and purist design. The transparent bottle elegantly highlights the beautiful composition of the fragrance essences. A dark grey cap with an embossed logo rounds off the elegant design.