Fragrances of the s.Oliver Brand

Lively Sophistication

s.Oliver: a sporty and elegant trendsetter

s.Oliver is one of Europe’s leading fashion and lifestyle brands. s.Oliver is fashion for everyone, every day and in any situation. The variety of attractive fragrance compositions is appropriate for every occasion – perfect for the casual lifestyle of a demanding generation.

The s.Oliver Fragrances

s.Oliver: perfect for the casual lifestyle

Fashion with individual personality and character – this is the hallmark of the lifestyle segment of s.Oliver, a brand that is in demand throughout Europe. The variety of attractive fragrance compositions is also refreshing.

s.Oliver Pure Sense

Be true to yourself. Focus on the real and pure in life – naturalness has never been more fascinating and important. Far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life lies true fulfilment, pure happiness. s. Oliver Pure Sense is the twin fragrance for her and him that strips the intensity of life down to the essentials: pure, fresh, genuine and natural. The vegan fragrances are available in stores from the end of August.

s.Oliver Feels Like Summer 2021

The limited edition of s.Oliver Feels Like Summer enchants with the essence of delicately fragrant flowers in an unspoilt meadow and a sweet, feminine fragrance that will have you longing for sun and summer. Romantic peony and white peach blossoms sensually combine with the freshness of the sea to create an irresistible fragrance to accompany the coming summer. This fragrance will be enveloping its wearer in a balmy ensemble of flowers from the end of April 2021.

s.Oliver Follow Your Soul

The new twin fragrance Follow Your Soul by s.Oliver represents the particular skill of being able to follow your inner voice. From the middle of August 2020, the fragrance for men and women will accentuate the independent strength of those who wear it with a certain "je ne sais quoi" – the enthralling belief in one's own inner power.

s.Oliver Feels Like Summer

So put on your summer dress and dance with abandon across the nearest flower meadow. Inspired by the colours of summer flora, this year's s.Oliver Feels Like Summer limited edition women's fragrance captures the sweet flair of the warm season and will be enveloping its wearer with the most beautiful essences of fresh flowers from mid-April 2020.

s.Oliver Black Label Eau Légère

A confident performance with contrasting elements: Everyday luxury – and utter nonchalance. Timeless elegance in a modern interpretation. All these contradictions are given expression in the new twin fragrance s.Oliver Black Label Eau Légère.


There are moments that are best celebrated in style: a birthday. A good exam result. A promotion. A new home. But instead of waiting for the next big milestone, s.Oliver #YOURMOMENT celebrates life itself – right here and right now!

s.Oliver Feels like Summer

It’s summer – it’s festival season! Whether by day or by night, with the right music and the best friends, there's the sense of an open-air mood. Singing along to your favourite songs, dancing for hours, enjoying life and feeling completely free – your summer festival season becomes the most beautiful time of the year! This can be enjoyed to the full with the right essentials in your luggage. The new s.Oliver FEELS LIKE SUMMER fragrance for women provides just the right sillage on long festival days. Confident and multi-faceted like the young women who wear it, from the end of April 2019 this fragrance will embody a simply unforgettable summer.

s.Oliver Authentic

Pour yourself a cup of tea, light the fire and make yourself comfortable on the sofa: These moments of domestic bliss are especially attractive when we share them with other people. When you relax together and simply enjoy the moment. Then you suddenly realise that "home" is not necessarily a place, but more a feeling – a sense of being close to the ones you love. What matters is the time that you give to each other: the most precious gift in the world. The new fragrances from s.Oliver Authentic for her and him represent a longing for these moments, for that sense of togetherness, comfort and trust.

s.Oliver Friendship

Relaxed days by the lake, a lavish shopping trip or a visit to a cool city – everything is twice as much fun when you share it with your best friend! She's the one you can always rely on, the one you can laugh with over the smallest thing, and the one who pours oil on troubled waters. That special connection between best friends will soon be brought to life in a fragrance. From the end of October 2018 two new s.Oliver Friendship fragrances for women will be available, exclusively from Rossmann. In this way, friends can share not only lovely experiences but also two very special fragrances!

s.Oliver Black Label

Black and white: contradictory, and yet the perfect partnership. Puristic without being at all dull. The classic colour duo embodies pure elegance, and manages in its simplicity to make a clear statement. One that is reflected in the new fragrances from s. Oliver BLACK LABEL. From the middle of August 2018, the fragrances for him and her will underscore the stylish side of their wearer. Casual and very sophisticated, they leave a lasting impression at all times and in all places, without ever being intrusive. New favourites for all who love the contradictions of the classic black and white look and wish to find the matching fragrance.

s.Oliver Feels like Summer

Ahoy sailor! The new s.Oliver FEELS LIKE SUMMER fragrance for women puts you in the mood for summer. Fresh and fruity, floral and light – the fragrance is reminds us of laid-back days with the wind in your sails.

The fragrance of summer 2018

Under sunny skies, s.Oliver FEELS LIKE SUMMER is refreshing in its own unmistakeable and surprising way. Lively and light as a feather – just like summer 2018!

Floral-fresh fragrance composition

A top note like a fresh breeze on a warm summer's day: Grapefruit, lemon and bergamot refresh and invigorate the senses. The floral, feminine heart note make s.Oliver FEELS LIKE SUMMER the perfect fragrance accessory for trend-conscious women. The fragrance ends on a soft base note. A composition of summery lightness that is also enchanting feminine.

Design in maritime look

Anchor prints, red accents and blue and white stripes create a classic marine style. With this look, women can set sail this summer – or use the cool packaging design of s.Oliver FEELS LIKE SUMMER to create a nautical flair in the bathroom.

s.Oliver So Pure

Soft, pure, authentic and simply "hyggelig" – the appeal of s.Oliver SO PURE. Thanks to their pleasant, caressing fragrance, s.Oliver SO PURE Women and s.Oliver SO PURE Men are the perfect companions for everyday life.

Pure Life – Pure You

No filter, no make-up: "More style than substance" is a thing of the past. We yearn for something genuine – for the natural and the authentic. For true friends and undisguised happiness.

Fragrance compositions

The fragrance of s.Oliver SO PURE Women blends gently with your skin. Feeling good and smelling wonderful – this sense of well-being is enhanced by the lively citrus top note, enriched with green ivy and the fruity freshness of apples. This is followed by blossom accents, embedded in gentle cashmere wood. The soft base with warm Ambrox and woody notes completes this velvety fragrance.

Scandinavian design is famous for its simplicity and functionality. A trend that can be found at s.Oliver, both in its fashion and in its collections of numerous lifestyle products. Inspired by this restrained aesthetic, the bottles of s.Oliver SO PURE are minimalist in style, with accents in the trendy colors of pink and deep blue.

s.Oliver For Her & For Him

The fragrances s.Oliver For Her & For Him are an ode to elegance and magic moments in everyday life. The multifaceted fragrance compositions capture precious moments of carefree joie de vivre that remain in our memory.

s.Oliver For Her

s.Oliver For Her impresses with its elegant and flowery scent. It exudes feminine sensuality through the Turkish rose as the centrepiece, combined with the slightly fruity peony and delicate magnolia. The pink pepper berry, lively bergamot and a touch of litchi fruit are refreshing in the fragrance prelude. Embedded in a powdery balsamic bed of iris, musk and amber, the feminine flair smoothly radiates outward.

s.Oliver For Him

s.Oliver For Him opens with dynamic scents of black tea, crisp apple and the spicy aroma of red pepper. The heart note delivers an elegant masculine statement of rosemary, geranium and floral-green violet leaves. This exceptional fragrance culminates in an exclusive base note of tonka beans, moss and musk.

Inspires from the fashion, the flacon of s.Oliver For Her dresses itself in an elegant nude. A little bow with a decorative sewing shows the reserved playfulness of the design. s. Oliver For Him is coloured in a noble grey tone and embodies pure understatement.

s.Oliver Men & Women

The label’s twin fragrances s.Oliver Men & Women embody the magnetism that draws the sexes together.

s.Oliver Women
This lively scent opens with crisp top notes of bergamot, lime and red apple. The heart note reveals transparent flowers and fine musk. Sandalwood adds a spicy note to the rich base.

s.Oliver Men
Red pepper, basil, bergamot and cardamom tingle freshly in the top notes. Clary sage and cedar give the scent a masculine heart note, which gradually broadens out into a warm base of white musk, ambergris and sandalwood.

The semi-circular rounded bottles can be placed together to form a complete circle, continuing the theme of the attraction of opposites in the design.

s.Oliver Outstanding

s.Oliver Outstanding

Fruity or flowery? Clean or sexy? Why pick just one? We want it all, and we want it now! Savour every moment and discover what's over the horizon … s.Oliver Outstanding is a perfume for everyone who enjoys life to the fullest.

A fruity fragrance concept with exhilarating notes, as dynamic and alive as we are.

Trendy collections currently being celebrated at the international fashion weeks are arriving in our daily lives. Graphic prints, with cheerful dots or straight lines ... It's all about letting one's true colours shine and having lots of fun along the way. This is no time to be dull and boring: the perfume bottle needs to broadcast the fact that there's something special inside! The pink and white folded box with cheerful dots for women, and the marine blue-grey striped version for men both make a promise: Be outstanding! And the slogans inside the folded box encourage you to do the same. Be outstanding.

s.Oliver Soulmate

s.Oliver Soulmate

Individuality and joie de vivre are the two characteristics shared by the fragrances launched under the s.Oliver brand. The fragrance s.Oliver Soulmate stands for the close connection that two people share and catches their magic of a deep affinity.

s.Oliver Soulmate Women
A modern, warm interpretation of musk that radiates femininity. A fresh opening note of mandarin and red berries is followed by a heart note composed around a fresh bouquet of freesia, heliotrope and peony. In the base note the warmth of tonka bean blends with sensuous white musk wrapped in a soft cotton chord.

s.Oliver Soulmate Men
The stylish, spicy-woody fragrance plays with the contrasts of freshness and sensuality. In the head note saffron and mandarin are intensified by black pepper. The bold character of nutmeg, tonka bean and sensuous lavender define the heart note of the composition, while in the base the warmth of ambergris is united with patchouli notes to gently round off the fragrance..

The harmonious character of s.Oliver Soulmate is reflected in the design of the bottle and the packaging. The shape of the glass bottles is intentionally simple; the organic character of the form expresses a new perception of warmth and togetherness.

s.Oliver Original

The twin fragrances of s.Oliver Original are equally refreshing and down-to-earth – created to let us live life and enjoy being ourselves, whether alone or with friends.

s.Oliver Original Women
The fruity, fresh head note opens with apple, peach and bergamot. Rose and a lily-sand accord combine with a base of vanilla, amber and white cedar to express timeless femininity.

s.Oliver Original Men
The distinctive head note mixes citron, bergamot and coriander with galbanum and nutmeg. Lavender blossoms, mint and artemisia are rounded off by a base note of cedar, amber and musk.

The retro-chic flacon underscores the easy-going nature of the twin fragrances. This is also reflected in the original, used-paper look in feminine apricot-beige or selected shades of brown.

s.Oliver Superior

s.Oliver is synonymous with an elegant dress code that combines classic details with a modern twist in an effortlessly elegant look. The s.Oliver Superior twin fragrances embody a discerning lifestyle and perfectly round off the fragrance lines of the s.Oliver segment.

s.Oliver Superior Women
The women's scent opens with fresh top notes of mandarin, orange and passion fruit. The harmonious combination of orchid, freesia and plum in the heart note fades softly into a gentle, woody base of cedar, vanilla and tonka bean.

s.Oliver Superior Men
Grapefruit, lemon and bergamot set the top notes for the men’s scent. Iris root, rosewood and vetiver add warmth to the heart, while the base finishes with the glow of natural balsams.

The heavy glass bottles feature an unconventional metallic cuff. Elegant silver details gleam on the box.

s.Oliver Selection

s.Oliver Selection is the premium line of this highly successful fashion label. Elegance and self-assurance are the style templates for the label’s business and after-work looks. This poise is perfectly captured in the matching fragrance, which combines a distinctive style with effortless elegance.

s.Oliver Selection Women
Sensuously captivating with top notes of nectarine, bergamot and baked apples, emphasised by floral heart notes of white peony, transparent jasmine and honeysuckle on top of a rich base of Texan cedar, ambergris and musk.

s.Oliver Selection Men
A charismatic fragrance with top notes of sage, mandarin and basil. The sensual heart notes make an elegant statement with clover and nutmeg, while moss, vetiver, guaiac wood and patchouli blending in the classy base note.

The stylish bottles feature a classic monochrome palette of black (Men) and white (Women), with matte gold embellishments used as elegant details.