Fragrances of Sophia Thiel

Being strong can be so beautiful

She's a fighter who has managed to train herself to success: Sophia Thiel transformed herself from plump schoolgirl to fitness icon and power woman – and now has 1.3 million followers on Instagram and 850,000 on YouTube. In total, 700,000 fitness enthusiasts have subscribed to the 23-year-old's workout programme. This makes her an influencer for her generation, and one who inspires young women in particular through her passion, her discipline and her positive attitude.

The Fragrances of Sophia Thiel

Naturalness, beauty and plenty of power – attributes that stand not just for Sophia Thiel herself but also for her new fragrance and product range. The successful fitness influencer has launched three fragrances and the corresponding body care products with genuine power ingredients – all in line with the slogan "Being strong can be so beautiful". The fragrances and care products will be available from December 2018 exclusively from Müller and Rossmann.

Sophia Thiel Sweet Apricot

Powerful masculinity perfectly combined with stylish elegance. This is the hallmark of the Baldessarini fragrances. The special charisma and sophisticated appearance of the Baldessarini man lend a touch of class to a world focussed on success and exclusivity. Masculine strength is what makes this world so appealing and breathtakingly dynamic. Baldessarini – separates the men from the boys.

. The new fragrance Baldessarini Cool Force Sport will join the range at the end of February 2018, interpreting the coolness of this line of fragrances in a sportier and more dynamic way. The fragrance stands for moments of full concentration, in which endurance and power prove their worth.

With a nod to its predecessor fragrance, Baldessarini Cool Force Sport also comes in a purist design. The heavy glass flacon suits the cool elegance of the fragrance. The striking, dark concrete structure on the cardboard packaging stands in stark contrast to the matt white surface.

Sophia Thiel Sparkling Lemon

Sparkling Lemon has a citric-zesty head note for an extra freshness kick. The floral blooms, a hint of tea aromas in the heart note and a delicate base lend this invigorating freshness a feminine touch.

Sophia Thiel Lovely Rose

Lovely Rose opens with a vibrant, sporty sparkle: a cocktail of orange, citric kumquat, gentle bergamot and juicy apple.
At the heart of the composition, the multifaceted aromas of rose are accompanied by refined jasmine flowers and transparent lotus flower aromas. A soft bed of sandalwood, cedar and flattering musk leaves a lingering hint of femininity.