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Applying for a job

Your application to Mäurer & Wirtz

Important information and helpful tips

We at Mäurer & Wirtz are constantly on the look-out for employees who are willing to contribute their passion and take advantage of design freedom to advance the company as part of a collaborative effort. It is very important to us that the people we hire fit in to us and support our culture. For us, an application is therefore more than simply having the right qualifications – rather it is a process of getting to know each other. We have summarised how this process works in the following:

1. Finding and applying for a job

You can find all current job vacancies at Mäurer & Wirtz here. If one of the advertised positions appeals to you, simply apply directly via the "Apply“ button in the corresponding job posting. Alternatively, you can send us an unsolicited application at any time.

2. Selection

Pre-selection is carried out by personnel management and the appropriate department. If we are impressed by your profile, we will contact you to arrange a personal interview – typically with HR management and the line manager of the department. After an initial successful interview, another interview takes place in which you may also be given a technical or professional assignment (for example, a short case study). In some cases, you may be invited for a third interview. Throughout the selection process, we want to get to know not only your professional qualifications but also your personality. As a family business, it is particularly important to us that we are a good fit. The decision sometimes takes time, especially when there are several applicants, but you will always receive feedback as promptly as possible.

3. Job offer

If we have chosen to offer you a position, we will call you to discuss the details with you. We will then send you the written contract offer. If we are able to convince you to join us, we look forward to seeing you soon on your first working day at Mäurer & Wirtz.

Helpful tips for applying to Mäurer & Wirtz

A good first impression counts and opens many doors. However, the second impression is also important. Good preparation is key. We are happy to give you some tips to help you perform at your best:

Application documents
Please be sure to submit your application documents in full. This includes a cover letter, your curriculum vitae, all internship and work certificates, as well as the certificates of your school education and all other degrees obtained so far.

The interview
Both our products and our company are impressive for their strong personality and unique appearance. You too need to reveal your personality – who you are, what could you bring to the role and what do you expect from us. Tell us about your experiences of your education and working life and give details of your skills and qualifications. Convince us with a positive impression and be yourself.

The best case scenario for us is that both sides feel we are a good fit. So please feel free to ask any questions! Ideally you should prepare yourself accordingly in advance of the interview and put together the questions that affect your specific interests in the advertised position. At the end of the interview you will be given an opportunity to put these questions to the interviewers. We look forward to meeting you in person!

Hiring and onboarding
We are very keen to ensure you feel part of our company from day one. We therefore accompany you individually from the start and support you through your early days.