A place where your ideas can take flight.

Careers at Mäurer & Wirtz

Fascinating fragrances and creative freedom

Do more than unfold your passion, allow it to ignite. Share your ideas and turn them into reality. Free your imagination and have a tangible impact. Find your professional home – in a company that combines trust and high expertise to create a unique work culture.

How does that sound? It sounds like us.

Mäurer & Wirtz is a company with a long tradition. With around 300 employees today, it has grown steadily over the years and is now in the fifth generation of family ownership. This can be felt – both in the way each individual employee identifies with the company and its brands as well as in the strong sense of teamwork and cooperation.

Our challenges are as diverse as our products. Working at Mäurer & Wirtz means being passionate about exclusive fragrances, developing them, producing them in the highest quality and successfully distributing them. Our traditional brands and our innovative new developments arouse emotions around the world and enable people to underline their individual personality.

When you work for Mäurer and Wirtz, you can harness creative freedom to make a real impact on the development of the future – that of our company as well as your own professional future. Unleash your full potential with an employer who combines tradition and modernity, promotes independent-minded work and embodies family values.

In order to achieve a good work-life balance and reconcile career and family, it is particularly important to us that all age groups and work areas feel comfortable and valued as we work together towards our goals.

It's official – we are excellent!

Fair Company – a responsible approach

Mäurer & Wirtz is part of the Fair Company initiative. Because we are able to do things our own way, and we see our interns, their ideas and their input as a valuable resource. That is why, as a member of the Fair Company initiative, we advocate a responsible approach to interns and act accordingly. As a Fair Company, we comply with the following basic principles:

•      We do not replace full-time jobs with interns.
•      We do not propose internships to any university graduates applying for a permanent position.
•      We do not recruit interns with the vague prospect of subsequent full-time work.
•      We offer internships to provide vocational guidance to people still in their education stage.
•      We pay interns an appropriate allowance.


We are looking for personalities who are enthusiastic and committed to completing their internship at Mäurer & Wirtz and enjoy contributing their passion and developing solutions. After all, today's interns are our experts and leaders of tomorrow. We can offer you an exciting internship full of new experiences. We look forward to meeting you!
More information about the Fair Company initiative can be found at: www.faircompany.de.

"berufundfamilie" – an employer with a sense of family

Our predilection for a family-friendly corporate culture is as much a distinct tradition as our high-quality fragrances. As a family-owned company, we are extremely well-placed to understand the importance of family and we support a good work-life balance with carefully selected additional benefits and services.

We aim to provide our employees not only with great design freedom at their workplace, but also with the necessary scope to shape their personal lives with the necessary care and responsibility. This applies to traditional families but equally to single parents, partnerships with and without children, patchwork and foster families. They all benefit from flexible working time models and optimized part-time and home office options.

Incidentally, our commitment to a good work-life balance has been awarded the Professional Family Audit Certificate since 2015. The certificate issued by berufundfamilie gGmbH is evidence of our commitment to making continuous improvements to the work-life balance.