Roles and responsibilities at Mäurer & Wirtz

Personal development at all levels

Occupational areas

It's a long journey from the initial concept of a fragrance to the moment it unfurls its enticing effect worldwide. At Mäurer & Wirtz, creative and dedicated minds work hard on every single stage of this process. As an international company, we create fragrance worlds for popular fashion brands, designer labels and brand classics. Along the way, we invest all our expertise and passion in the conception, development, production and successful global sales of our fragrances. Diverse responsibilities in versatile professions at Mäurer & Wirtz!

Brand Management & New Business

What does a fragrance smell like, what is its name, what does the packaging look like? Our Brand Management team creates the visions and strategies for our brands – always in line with the latest trends and the desires of consumers. The entire team applies great creativity, innovation, and strategic vision to influence how existing and future Mäurer & Wirtz fragrances will transport users to emotional dream worlds.

Perfume Development

Who makes the fragrance what it is and gives it its distinctive touch? In Perfume Development, the future fragrance creation is honed with great attention to detail in close cooperation between renowned perfumers, fragrance houses and the Brand Management team. The artistry of our fragrance developers gives rise to fragrance compositions that breathe emotions, dreams and desires into everyday life.


National Sales

How and where do our fragrances come to market? The Sales department handles distribution in Germany and Austria and deals with International Key Account Management in various Eastern European countries. It is both a commercial interface and a reliable, competent point of contact for our local trading partners. Its aim is to serve the requirements of in store fragrance buyers in the best possible way. Among other things, we provide extensive product and sales knowledge to retailers and their employees so that they in turn can give optimal and targeted advice and assistance to all customers.


International Sales

How can we be even more successful with our brands worldwide? To this end, the Sales team is active around the globe and is in daily contact with local managers to analyse, understand and improve performance. The declared goal: to put even more of the fragrances made in Stolberg on retail shelves around the world.

Consumer & Trade Marketing

Consumer Marketing

What marketing channels can we use to best address and reach both our customers and retailers? In Consumer Marketing, strategies are developed to position our fragrances worldwide using communications measures tailored specifically to our target groups, whether in the print/online sector, TV or through events, radio and billboards.

Trade Marketing

The development of marketing concepts for retail, such as promotions and customer workshops, is at the core of Trade Marketing, complementary to and in close cooperation with the Sales department. This ensures that our fragrances are present at the point of sale for every theme and in every season.


Category Management

Projects with national and international trading partners for the optimal shelf and merchandise placement of our fragrances are the main focus of Category Management. We also organise target group-specific training events at home and abroad so that the presentation of our brands is always in line with the time.


How can we plan, coordinate and control with optimum results? Controlling is responsible for this task, providing the necessary tools and information and also optimising internal systems and processes.

General Operations, Supply Chain Management & Packaging Development

General Operations

In which department do fragrances finally become a perfect work of art? General Operations breathes life into product ideas, and this is where the perfume and flacon coalesce into one entity. In addition to production, filling, and the constant optimisation of technical processes, continuous quality control – from development to delivery – is one of the main tasks of this department. The careful coordination of these processes ensures that production targets are met and a high level of productivity is achieved. Ultimately, passionately held quality standards are the cornerstone of our work.


Supply Chain Management

The Supply Chain Management team controls production according to customer needs, including the necessary supply of raw materials and packaging, and coordinates punctual and reliable delivery to customers by our logistics partners.


Packaging Development

Packaging Development is responsible for the design and technical implementation of all packaging and printed images. The aim is also to introduce innovative technologies and packaging concepts to the company and the world.

Human Resources

Why are our people our most important resource? Because they advance the company with their passion and expertise. This is why our personnel department uses its strategy to focus on the "human resource", making sure that every single employee feels at home with us. In addition, the department is responsible for all operational personnel work, cooperation with the works council, recruitment of new employees and personnel development. Our goal is to create a climate of collaboration that allows us to retain satisfied, qualified and motivated employees in a pleasant work environment.