Mäurer & Wirtz Einstiegsmöglichkeiten

Opportunities and prospects at Mäurer & Wirtz

Continuing education with vision – for a successful future

Best career prospects

Stagnation impedes real passion. That's why we not only constantly develop our brands and fragrances – we also constantly invest in the continuing education of our employees. After all, their know-how secures the future of our company. But there's much more to it than that: Anyone who feels personally encouraged and challenged is happier and feels motivated to bring their expertise to their everyday work. That is why all our employees have the opportunity to take part in internal or external seminars, training courses or other activities. Whether you are a new recruit or an experienced manager – thanks to the wide range of services on offer, the prospects for professional and personal development are excellent.

Change perspectives: Work in a different department

We promote the concept of interdepartmental exchanges in order to foster a deeper mutual understanding. For example, a day in production is a useful way to experience processes, or it can be interesting for a brand manager to accompany a key account manager for a day. Within the framework of a work shadowing scheme, it is possible to work in another department for up to three months. This builds stronger relationships between departments and injects greater dynamism into individual roles.

Identify and maintain perspectives: Development programmes & dialogue formats

Development programme for executives

All executives go through a corporate executive programme. Refresher courses are held every year to ensure that managers regularly tackle the latest management issues and also to intensify the concepts of sharing and networking.

For all specialist and management positions at Group Manager or Senior level, the Advanced Development programme helps specialists and group leaders to meet their requirements – with targeted training for technical management and personality development as well as through the possibilities for exchange and networking.

The company's own Basic Professional development programme supports junior and management professionals in their role and function, helps them to develop professionally and personally, and promotes mutual networking.

There are also opportunities for exchange through different dialogue formats, designed to give time for greater proximity and exchange across hierarchical and departmental boundaries. The Managing Director regularly invites employees to a business lunch together with a member of executive management. On the first Friday of every month, a dialogue format is held for all employees from administration and production departments, in which the focus is on casual, personal exchange and there is also time for "non-business topics".

Sharing perspectives: Employees train employees

Why buy external knowledge when we have the best experts in-house? We want to learn more from each other – that's why every employee is encouraged to register their skills that go beyond their areas of expertise. These special abilities are visible to all employees so that colleagues can provide each other with targeted support.