Mäurer & Wirtz

From the initial concept to the fragrance in the flacon

Our craftsmanship

Creating, producing, marketing and distributing fragrances

Mäurer & Wirtz is passionate about the world of fragrances and holds itself to the highest quality standards. We cover the entire value chain: from naming the product, packaging and filling the goods to advertising and distributing the final concepts, all processes are managed from our headquarters in the Rhineland.

An in-depth market and trend analysis serves as our starting point. Our Brand Management team develops fragrance concepts and outlines how the final product should look and what associations it will inspire among wearers based on the issues that will affect us in the future. 

Our Perfume Development team is an intermediary between marketing and perfumery. The requirements from Brand Management are translated by our fragrance expert into a fragrance briefing, which we then pass on to the dedicated hands of international fragrance companies. We work with the world's most renowned third-party perfumers. For each tender, we receive a selection of different olfactory interpretations of our fragrance concept. Paired with the expertise of our in-house Perfume Development team, the best creation is selected, perfected down to the last detail and then completed.

[Translate to English:] Frederic Schuckert, Junior Fragrance Development Manager
Frederic Schuckert, Duftexperte bei Mäurer & Wirtz

“The fascinating path individual ingredients take to form a harmonious whole takes time, a huge amount of concentration and dedication. This applies to every single nuance and note that gives the perfume that special something, its uniqueness, once combined in the end product."

Frederic Schuckert, fragrance expert at Mäurer & Wirtz

In partnership with the packaging development team and external interfaces, product management realises high-quality product designs. When we work with licensors or launch co-creations with celebrities or influencers, development of the fragrance and design takes place in close collaboration and in line with their wishes and ideas. 

Once the product has been developed, our in-house purchasing department arranges the ordering of the individual components and the product is produced at the Stolberg site. Our processes are subject to constant checks by quality management and controlling. 

We announce market-ready concepts with creative, digital and analogue communication activities organised by our Media, PR and Trade Marketing departments. In doing so, we work closely with E-Commerce and Sales, who are responsible for distributing our fragrances around the globe.