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Quality made in Germany

The quality of our products can be perceived by all the senses

Quality is more than just a lack of flaws. If you approach the dimension of quality from a purely technocratic point of view, it quickly becomes clear that you cannot do justice to its versatility. Our products arouse emotions. Many of their characteristics cannot be judged at first glance. Our mission is to find ways to define quality – and distinguish between good and bad. Our 180 years of experience provide a reliable basis for this. While some expectations of a perfume can be described on the label and taken for granted, other properties are purely subjective and often described as “high quality”. Along with the scent that appeals to the sense of smell, quality also concerns haptic aspects, such as heat, cold, grip, weight, and all of the emotions triggered by the touch of the flacon. This is followed by visual aspects, such as the dullness or shine of the flacon and the colouring of the fragrance. The sound of the top being replaced is a further palpable characteristic. The fascinating dimension of quality thus extends not only to a lack of flaws, but also to the experience of a product - involving all the senses.

Our exciting task is to identify the right factors that ensure a sense of quality in the customer and translate them into features that can be defined, measured and optimised within our process chain. This starts with listening closely to our customers to derive product specifications and take customer and country-specific requirements into account. We also work together with our suppliers when it comes to implementation and align the production process to new products. Quality always remains a common theme. We ensure high quality at our company by adhering to standards in production and creating efficient, smooth processes. Only in this way can we successfully reduce disruptions. In addition, potentials for improvement along the entire process chain can be exploited as part of the partnership with our customers and suppliers. The success of the company is the result of our commitment to quality in all its distinctive facets, which is recognised by our customers.


  • We understand the expectations placed on us and are committed to exceeding them.
  • We integrate quality into our concepts, products and services from the word go.
  • We know what to look for in order to produce flawless goods.
  • We exploit potential and are constantly working on improvements.

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