Quality at Mäurer & Wirtz

A Fascination with Fragrance and Quality

Quality is more than perfection – Quality is perceptible enthusiasm for a product

“The trick is to identify the right factors that provide the customers with a sense of quality and then translate them into features that can be tested and optimized in the process chain”, said the Quality Management Department at Mäurer & Wirtz. The fascination with perfume in accordance with high quality expectations is a concern to which we are passionately committed – and whose multifacetedness motivates us time and again. When approaching this dimension only from a technocratic point of view, it quickly becomes clear that one cannot do the versatility of quality justice. Our products evoke emotions – and many of their characteristics cannot be measured immediately. We have made it our mission to find ways of defining quality – and differentiating between good and poor quality. Our over 170 year of experience and our modern understanding of quality form a reliable foundation. That is why we rely on all our senses – because quality is something you can see, smell, hear and feel.

Quality experienced through the senses

“Quality encompasses everything that generates enthusiasm for a product and is necessary to achieve this.”

While some perfume expectations can be described and are required, other factors remain unspoken. These are characteristics that are subjectively perceived and often described as “high-quality.” But what exactly does this mean? With these characteristics, we are referring to impressions, or a perception of quality that goes beyond the senses: In addition to the scent itself, which appeals to the sense of smell, there are also haptic impressions, such as warmth, coldness, grip or weight, and other emotions triggered when touching the flacon. Furthermore, there are optic impressions, for example a matt or glossy flacon, or the colour of the perfume. Even the acoustic perception is addressed through the sound of turning the flacon’s cap. The fascinating dimension of quality not only encompasses a product’s flawlessness, but also how it is experienced – and with all the senses.

Our quality promise – a community task

Quality has many facets and our exciting task is to identify the right factors that provide the customers with a sense of quality and then translate them into features that can be measured in the process chain – so that quality can be defined and optimised. For example, the typical masculine sound made when opening the screw cap of after shave lotion by Tabac Original is an unmistakable quality promise – just like the cool, white opal glass that is heavy in your hand. The same applies to the sophisticated perfume creations of the umbrella brand 4711, which established and continues to develop the fragrance genre “Eaux de Cologne”. Even the small, fine details and accessories carefully handcrafted in production that we have applied to our lifestyle. We are able to accomplish all of this because we understand quality as a community task that everyone, regardless of department contributes to. This also explains why the exciting business of quality is so important to us.

Optimal organisation as a successful foundation

“It’s not only a question of what quality is, but rather what is necessary to achieve the best possible quality.”

Creating an environment and a system that allows us to create quality products is the prerequisite for our passionate work. Thus, we thoroughly examine the entire process chain – which begins with carefully listening to our customers to derive product requirements while also fulfilling customer- and country-specific requirements. We also work with our suppliers in product implementation and align our production process with new products. Quality remains a community concern – especially for our company, which we are able to ensure through adherence to production standards and the creation of efficient and seamless processes. Only in this way can we ensure that disturbances rarely occur. Moreover, we are able to exploit potential improvements along the entire process chain as part of our partnership with our customers and suppliers. Close communication and regular feedback enable top performance that satisfies – and inspires – both sides. Our company success is a result of our quality promise that our customers can see – in all its characteristic facets.

This is how quality is created at Mäurer & Wirtz

Precision, professionalism, enthusiasm – our quality promise

For us, quality is more than just a flawless product – It’s about always inspiring our customers with our products. We accomplish this goal by viewing quality as a community responsibility that we as a company address together with our partners.

  • We understand expectations demanded of us and do everything we can to exceed them.
  • We integrate quality in our concepts, products and services from the beginning.
  • We know what to be mindful of to produce flawless goods.
  • We take advantage of opportunities and constantly work on improvements.


Our company success is the expression and result of quality our customers appreciate – Which is why quality assurance and quality management are of the upmost importance to and an uncompromising commitment of Mäurer & Wirtz.