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Responsibility at Mäurer & Wirtz

Our Vision


As a family-run fragrance company, we think and act in terms of generations. Our sustainability strategy is therefore geared towards meeting the current needs of our consumers in such a way that the opportunities of future generations are preserved. For us as one of the largest fragrance manufacturers in Germany, this means making responsible use of the finite resources of our Earth – and also dealing responsibly with the people who work with us. We have already achieved a lot. But we are only just getting started. We work passionately every day to improve ourselves and make our actions, processes and products ever more sustainable.

Our sustainability goals at a glance

#people – Valuing the people that make our company what it is today

We value the people who make up our company and do everything we can to be a reliable employer.

  • Promoting our corporate culture and values
    As a family company, reliability, diversity and transparency are our life – and these values are evolving more and more each day. Our average length of service of 15 years is a testament to our stability and reliability. We have employees in over 17 nations to ensure we remain diverse.
  • Work-life balance
    With our high degree of flexibility provided by part-time work, working from home, remote working and job sharing along with other options, we create a positive work-life balance and have received several awards in this area. The proportion of women in our company is 71.5 percent and a total of 37 percent of our management personnel are women.
  • Occupational health and safety
    Our occupational health management protects every individual and promotes the health of our employees. Our health centre and our company doctor offer, for example, vision tests, flu vaccinations, preventive examinations and various consulting services.
  • Employee training and talent development
    We support our employees in their individual development through promotion and development programmes. That is why we have also set ourselves the goal of filling positions internally where possible.

#planet – Reliable protection of the environment

We produce high-quality and safe products.

  • Conservation of resources
    We save 28 tonnes of petroleum-based plastics annually. For Tabac Original and Tabac Original Craftsman, we are successively replacing the usual plastic inner parts to protect the flacon with corrugated cardboard from sustainably managed forests. These are made of renewable fibre materials, saving 4.2 tonnes of PET plastic. The same applies to our gift sets: The reduction of the plastic inner parts leads to a further saving of 24 tonnes of PET. Here too, we replace them with corrugated cardboard blanks made from renewable raw materials.
  • Environmental awareness
    The carbon footprint of our supply to our major customers is small. The core range of all our products is produced in Germany. Our major customers are also located in Germany. The distance between our finished goods warehouse and the central warehouses of these customers ranges from 50 km to a maximum of 530 km – and 95% of deliveries made by truck to these customers are within this range.
  • Conservation of resources
    The packaging for our product boxes comes from sustainably managed forests: in order to protect our products and to display as much information as possible to consumers, we pack them in folding boxes made of cardboard which are made of renewable raw materials. These organic raw materials, predominantly wood, come from forests or plantations that are traceably cultivated in accordance with ecological and social principles.

#product – Value-based product development

We produce high-quality and safe products with added value.

  • Product quality and consumer safety 
    Our formulations comply with the requirements of the REACH Regulation (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) and the Cosmetics Regulation (EC) 1223/2009. We have our own quality management department at the production site in order to ensure that our products meet the highest possible standards of quality and safety. Our compliance with this standard is confirmed annually by external, independent audits. We are therefore especially pleased to have received the official GMP certificate..
  • Value-driven product development 
    We already have many vegan fragrances in our range and plan to offer 100 percent vegan fragrances in the future. We care deeply about the wellbeing of everyone along the entire supply chain. That is why we have developed a code of conduct for suppliers and business partners, which includes, among other things, observance of human rights, occupational health and safety and ensuring fair working conditions.
  • Made in Germany 
    The production sites of our entire core range are all in Germany. Our fragrances and products are produced there in accordance with the highest 'Made in Germany' production and quality standards.
  • Transparency on raw materials
    Everyone should have the right to know what's in their favourite product. That is why we list all ingredients on the packaging in order of their concentration according to the Cosmetics Regulation. The names of the individual ingredients are based on the INCI (International Nomenclature for Cosmetic Ingredients) and are uniform throughout the EU.

Our achievements in numbers


<p>tons of petroleum-based plastics we save annually</p>


<p>nations we employ at Mäurer &amp; Wirtz</p>


<p>percent of our deliveries to our major customers go via a short delivery route</p>


<p>percent of the workforce in our company is made up of women</p>