Mäurer & Wirtz

The Mäurer & Wirtz strategy

Leading the way with innovation

The future is ours – the future starts now! True to this motto, we have transformed Mäurer & Wirtz in recent years, making it fit for the future. Our strategy will help us to reach our long-term goal of becoming one of the top players in the fragrance industry by 2030, not only in Germany but also on a global scale. The impact of our strategy is not just restricted to the distant future – clear results are already visible. For example, we are shaping the fragrance market with innovative projects and have exponentially increased our growth in e-commerce and internationally. As an excellent employer, we are offering our employees ever better working conditions and are becoming more sustainable as a company overall. 

“Our recipe for success pairs the flexibility of a local family-owned company with the expertise of a global player.”

Stephan Kemen, CEO of Mäurer & Wirtz

At the same time, we always reflect on what makes us a traditional family-owned company and combine a forward-looking approach with value-based leadership and an uncompromising focus on quality. Decades of experience meet pioneering visions, market strength meets flexible processes, superlative perfumery standards meet creative design ingenuity: this combination is the recipe for success at Mäurer & Wirtz.  

At its core, our strategy is based on five cornerstones. We prioritize internationalisation, e-commerce, portfolio diversification, sustainability and employer excellence as our key focus areas. 



As part of our internationalization strategy, we are continuously tapping into new fragrance markets from Europe to the Middle East and Asia. Despite global crises and difficult market conditions, we are achieving strong international growth.


The digital transformation goes far beyond just online commerce and offers a number of other opportunities for our success. In addition to purely digital brands and influencer co-creations, we are working on a data- and consumer-based enhancement of our existing portfolio. We offer a consistent brand presence on the relevant e-commerce platforms and launch our own online shops for existing brands along with D2C brands with exclusive online access. Our marketing efforts are also becoming increasingly digital. We strive to achieve higher marketing efficiency by measuring and optimizing our performance.  



We specialise in fragrances, fragrance-based care products and home accessories. In these categories, we are constantly reviewing new business areas, conquering new price segments and sales channels – whether under an existing or newly created brand umbrella. In this way, we are able to maintain and expand our portfolio while also regularly launching fragrance innovations. We have significantly diversified our portfolio in recent years as a result. Numerous products in our portfolio are award-winning and have gained significant acclaim both in the worlds of perfume and design – across all price segments. 


We also hold ourselves to the highest standard when it comes to sustainability. In 2022, we were able to save 30 percent in CO2 emissions by using green electricity alone – a further 138 tons of CO2 savings were achieved through remote work. We optimise our business processes and our portfolio with sustainability in mind and consistently develop sustainable fragrance concepts that set new standards. 


Employer excellence 

Last but not least, we focus on people. We have received numerous awards as an employer in recognition of our modern management style alongside the benefits and the work-life balance we provide. We offer our employees a wide range of training opportunities and motivate them to adopt an entrepreneurial and proactive mindset. We have established an employer brand that is authentic and approachable, both within and outside of our company.