People – A responsibility pillar at Mäurer & Wirtz

Valuing people

Fairness and supporting every individual matter to us

People are the lifeblood of our company: We attach great importance to maintaining a trusting relationship with our partners, suppliers, consumers and employees. Our holistic sustainability strategy is therefore also of material significance to our actions as an employer: For us, social aspects and permanent investment in our talent are a big part of this, as is achieving a positive work-life balance. Our corporate culture is characterised by open, collegial and forward-looking cooperation. As a family company with a long tradition, we are guided by values such as reliability and an awareness of responsible behaviour towards us and our environment.

Nadine Knapp, HR Development Manager

"Valuing people is a key part of our sustainability strategy."

Nadine Knapp, HR Development Manager

People: Our areas of focus

1. Family company, values and culture

- We are a family company
Thanks to our long tradition, we have a value-based and cohesive corporate culture anchored in our corporate strategy.

- We are a reliable employer
We create and secure sustainable jobs in the Aachen region – our average length of service of 15 years is a testament to our stability and reliability.

- We are constantly developing our culture and values
Our sounding boards, regular employee surveys and employee interviews contribute to our cultural development. Our values and culture are also reflected in our diversity – we employ people of 17 nationalities and we adhere to the German diversity charter.

2. Work-life balance

- We offer flexible working models
We provide great flexibility for every employee with part-time, home and mobile working models, as well as job sharing in the production department.

- We balance private life and work
Whatever the situation, we provide advice and even find individual solutions, for example involving the care of family members. Our bilingual, company-owned daycare centre offers our employees' children a home away from home – open almost every day and with extended opening hours. We have been awarded the 'berufundfamilie' [workandfamily] audit certificate since 2015 for our commitment in this area.

- We support the quota of women
The proportion of women in our company is 71.5 percent and a total of 37 percent of our management personnel are women.

3. Occupational health & safety

Area of focus: Occupational health & safety

- We protect and promote health
Our occupational health management offers various measures to maintain and promote health: A health centre with company doctor and nurses on site, sight tests, flu vaccinations, preventive examinations, health days in the production department, e.g. on hearing protection, healthy nutrition, or an app with muscle relaxation and movement exercises for working at a desk, as well as addiction prevention measures .

- We ensure safety at work
Our occupational health management also ensures long-term investment in the health of all employees. To this end, we have established comprehensive safety management systems and conduct regular training in order to avoid accidents at work and occupational illnesses. We also regularly conduct training in-house: To date, we have trained 33 first aiders.

4. Personnel and talent development

- We offer development opportunities
Personnel development is firmly anchored in our corporate strategy. Our goal is to fill positions internally and to support our employees in a targeted and individual manner.

- We offer development programmes
We've designed custom development programmes to support every individual. We also conduct training in six professions: chemical laboratory technician (m/f/d), chemical technician (m/f/d), industrial business management assistant (m/f/d), retail salesperson (m/f/d), machine and plant operator (m/f/d), mechatronics engineer (m/f/d).

- We award scholarships
Awarding scholarships in cooperation with the Aachen University of Applied Sciences as part of the Deutschlandstipendium supports the early finding of talent.