Mäurer & Wirtz – Who We Are

Celebrating Brand Success Worldwide

Through passion, consolidated expertise and an extensive portfolio

Delicate perfumes and high-quality body care products: everything that makes a person feel better in their own skin is characteristic of Mäurer & Wirtz. Through our centuries of experience as a traditional family company, we have established brands that have enriched and decisively shaped the world of fragrances for generations. As one of the largest perfume manufacturer in Europe, our fragrances accompany perfume wearers daily– throughout Germany and the whole world.

The most important components for this success: professionalism, high quality awareness, understanding of consumption trends and our company’s incredible creativity when it comes to perfumes. From conception to perfume development to production – discover our service portfolio.

Integrated Services

All areas from conception and perfume development to marketing and production intertwine at a single location

Classics, fashionable trend fragrances and premium concepts – at Mäurer & Wirtz each perfume segment is managed with concentrated expertise. In this way, existing brands are further developed and new products are created. What brings together all company activities concerning the individual brands are the high standards we have for our integrated solutions for business partners: international research and development teams work with the world’s best perfume makers to create new scents. Experienced marketing specialists devote themselves to optimal product features from to design to outer packaging. Communication experts ensure the best possible marketing – from POS materials to coordinating international measures and marketing campaigns. Sales professionals develop specific concepts suited to each business partner both on a national and international level. Consistent portfolio management ensures that our program is always up-to-date. All of these activities take place at one location. The successful completion of these tasks cannot only be attributed to our employees’ uncompromising standard of quality and first-rate quality management, because what always distinguishes Mäurer & Wirtz is the love of fragrances – and the deep passion for this line of work.

Integrated services from a single source – our expertise

  • Conception and Perfume Creation
  • Product Features, Packaging Concept and Product Design
  • Marketing, Advertising and Communications
  • Business Partner Concepts and Distribution
  • Quality Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Production

Our values

A confident and modern family company, whose commitment to and love for the profession shapes all interaction.

Despite the success, what truly distinguishes Mäurer & Wirtz is its essence: the soul of the company, its values and spirit. The company is in its fifth generation of family ownership and is making its presence felt day by day. The values of a family company such as dependability and appreciation of individuals are reflected in our day-to-day interaction and cooperation – both internally and to the outside world.

This fosters commitment and opens the creative leeway of employees, something which they greatly appreciate. The Wirtz family has a strong presence in the company, through which great identification with the company is evoked. Our largest culture project is a further step in shaping the everyday working environment together and motivates us to work on mutual goals. Our employees sense this, as do our partners who are a part of this strong dynamic.

In our company the individual is in focus. The human resources and the involvement of these individuals with their knowledge and ideas are paramount.