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4711 Acqua Colonia Story

Insights: 4711 Acqua Colonia

Inspired by Nature

4711 ACQUA COLONIA has created an inspirational tribute to nature with unique fragrance creations.

The vast expanse of a field, a wild and exotic herb garden, a meadow full of fragrant fruit trees – what could be more inspirational than nature? Since ancient times, nature’s multifaceted power and diverse beauty has inspired the poet’s quill, sparked musicians to compose through the night and painters to capture their uniqueness through devoted brushstrokes. To this day, nature inspires all forms of art – even the world of fragrances. In Acqua Colonia, a series from the 4711 segment, contrasting natural ingredients are uniquely combined to create an extraordinary fragrance experience  ?  for every season. 

Fascinating fragrance contrasts with a unique effect 

The crisp aroma of lime combined with the vibrating warmth of nutmeg (Lime & Nutmeg), the tantalising scent of pink peppercorns paired with fruity grapefruit (Pink Pepper & Grapefruit), exotic blood orange fused with aromatic basil(Blood Orange & Basil), warm mandarin orange with exotic cardamom (Mandarin & Cardamom) and vitalising lemon in an invigorating combination with energizing ginger (Lemon & Ginger) – these five fragrances in our basic assortment gave rise to more exciting fragrances whose particularity is that they are based on a careful combination of contrasting ingredients that appeal to all the senses while sparking moments of intense well-being.

Mäurer & Wirtz Acqua Colonia Seasonal Edition

The exhilarating interaction of warm and cool nuances

For the chilly seasons, our assortment was expanded to include two limited-edition fragrance creations: sweet plum paired with soothing honey (Plum & Honey), red apple and exotic chilli (Red Apple & Chili) – combinations that fulfil the immense need for moments of well-being on chilly days. As a fragrant experience for autumn and winter, both combinations intertwine pleasantly cool facets with warming, all-enveloping fragrance nuances. They caress their wearers subtly and bring about pleasantly cosy moments during this chilly time of year.

Icons of a fragrance genre – Eaux de Cologne

These new fragrances are an ambitious development in the Eau de Cologne fragrance genre – fresh, but also appropriate for winter. Eaux de Cologne – also known as “Kölnisch Wasser” because it was developed in Cologne in the 17th century – are often used because of their light compositions and citrus aromas. In contrast, the Acqua Colonia Seasonal Edition serves to fulfil the strong need for moments of well-being on chilly days with its warm and enveloping fragrance nuances. The imaginative and contrasting compositions in our main assortment show just how ambitious these refreshing Eaux de Cologne can be. For example, the fragrance oil concentration for an Eau de Cologne is about 5–10 percent – comparatively low to the 8–15 percent of an Eau de Toilette or the 15-30 percent of an Eau de Parfum. In addition to the Eaux de Cologne from the Acqua Colonia Fragrance series, there is a broad range of body care products for each individual fragrance.

Small works of art for the senses

Your sense of smell will not be the only one to enjoy these works of art with selected ingredients combined in an extraordinary way: When creative genius and inspiration are in harmony with nature, it is also expressed visually. Drawings by the famous Spanish illustrator Gabriel Moreno turn the campaign motifs for Acqua Colonia into compelling works of art that reflect the fascination of these fragrances in a sensual and emotional manner.

“It was tremendously inspirational to work on the visualisation of the Acqua Colonia fragrances. The unusual combination of ingredients, the connection with nature and the effects the fragrances have on people’s moods are gratifying topics for an artist.”

Gabriel Moreno

A token of appreciation

Acqua Colonia, the first 4711 series established in the prestige segment, quickly and successfully built up market presence and won various beauty awards. These light Eaux de Cologne recipes capture the spirit of the times, are trendy with their enticing freshness and inspire wearers time and again – and this on an international level in over 30 countries. Not only do men and women appreciate the Acqua Colonia fragrances, but also the unique effect of the high quality ingredients contained in the body care products, such as pear, bamboo or lotus extract.

Acqua Colonia – a unique experience

Invigorating fragrance compositions whose therapeutic properties positively affect the wearer’s mood – this is 4711 Acqua Colonia. It’s the ultimate luxury for the body and soul. Moreover, it is modelled after what man has sought after all along: to be in harmony with nature.