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Mäurer & Wirtz Up Close and Personal

Value creation through value appreciation – what it means to be a part of our family-owned company.

Mäurer & Wirtz represents a company rich in tradition. It currently has about 360 employees and has grown steadily over time. “We are a family company – and people can sense this. As a result of the strong cohesion amongst staff and each individual’s identification with the company and its values, a huge company “family” has come into being. This family is very dear to us – to be more specific, each individual employee,” said Yvonne Jussen, Head of Human Resources.

In the family’s best interest

Now in the fifth generation as a family-owned company, the head of the company Dr. Hermann Wirtz represents special values – it goes without saying that family appreciation is also included. The affectionately organised Christmas parties, company anniversaries, e.g. the 170th company anniversary, employee work anniversaries, where employees are honoured for 25, 40 and 50 years of service, are always a matter very close to our heart. Naturally, a speech by Dr. Hermann Wirtz honouring such special events cannot be missed. Commitment and dependability are other values that we confidently represent both internally and to the outside world. Ultimately, each person wants to be able to rely on others and this throughout all hierarchy levels and divisions.

Values that determine our daily work practices

The values that distinguish Mäurer & Wirtz as a family-owned company are reflected in both our daily work practices and our collaboration. Here we continue to combine tradition with modernity in reinterpreting our company values to suit the present-day – our large cultural project offers us many exciting opportunities. Half of our work force is involved in the project and currently working on our cultural image. This allows for cross-divisional and cross-hierarchical networking, offers a chance to actively shape the future and strengthens each individual’s identification with the company as a unified whole.

Personal Development

“The great thing here is that you do not only work on a small piece of an enormous puzzle, but rather on a complex range of tasks from A to Z. This makes work incredibly exciting and multifaceted, because you have a high degree of creative freedom.”

Yvonne Jussen, Human Resources Manager

We here at Mäurer & Wirtz challenge and encourage our employees at the same time. On the one hand, we give employees the chance to contribute ideas, which opens many design possibilities; on the other hand, their independent and cross-divisional work broadens horizons. This provides variety which is greatly appreciated by creative individuals.

The importance of one’s own family

“We conduct regular audits to ensure that topics both relevant for the company and employees are addressed and optimised. It is a pleasure to watch how things develop and increasingly bear fruit.” In the interests of a ‘work-life-balance’ and the reconciliation of work and family, it is extremely important for us to create a scope offering various work time and job sharing models, home office provisions, a children’s summer activity programme and an in-house day care facility.

Together into the future

The fact that most of our employees have been with us so long makes us very proud and indicates that we have been doing quite a few things right. This motivates us to continually work towards our aspiration that all age groups and working areas are happy and feel appreciated while working together to achieve our goals. We accomplish this by keeping up with the times, as well effectively combining tradition with modernity – in the interests of the family.