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Mäurer & Wirtz Unternehmenskultur

Insights: Company Culture

“Our fragrances tell stories.”

Why “fragrant imagery” is so well-suited to Mäurer & Wirtz.

“Each of our fragrances creates a film and tells a story – perhaps an exciting action film, a poetic arthouse film or a breathtaking love story. This “fragrant imagery” precisely embodies what we do here,” said Thomas Seeger-Helbach, Managing Director at Mäurer & Wirtz. Fragrances speak their own language, take you away to unfamiliar worlds and at the same time invite you into the world of the fragrance wearer. They tell stories of exotic sensuality, light-hearted gracefulness or sophisticated masculinity. They remind one of far-away countries and allow the lightness of the wind or the vastness of the ocean to be felt. Our company also tells stories and so these are better understood, we tell them in the best way we know how: through fragrances.

A composition that embodies pride

“The fragrance of Mäurer & Wirtz has certain openness, and does not smell capped. It has points interacting with heart notes and background elements, but is also harmonious and dynamic in nature. One could say that this fragrance is an olfactory symbol for pride.”

Thomas Seeger-Helbach, Managing Director

This is how Mäurer & Wirtz would smell if its core and soul were to be filled into flacons. This core or culture, it is made up of values that have evolved in our over 170-year tradition as a family-owned business and saturates our production plants with an invigorating aroma. Meanwhile, the company is in the filth generation of being family-owned – a spirit expressed daily. Not only does everything come from one source, but all business areas are situated at one location. As a family-owned company, commitment and dependability towards our customers and partners are values we stand for. With our strong personality, high degree of independence and uncompromising standards of quality, we set standards in the market as the fourth largest fragrance producer.

Created by people with passion

“Our company thrives on the ideas of our employees – we need creativity and passion in each area.” We love what we do – which is why we are so successful. We are passionately devoted to the maintenance and further development of our own and licensed brands. This is evident in our expertise, based on more than a hundred years experience and also in our ability to recognize and respond to relevant consumption trends. Thus, we give our passion shape and form the flacon that represents our love of fragrances. Licensors see this and choose us as a strong partner at their side. This fills our motivated creative thinkers with a sense of pride and new passion for what they do.

Moving forward with innovative strength

Through experimentation and the courage to innovate, we create unique concepts and open new product areas – while the familiar scent of tradition permeates through our production facilities, the exciting aroma of change tickles our senses. That which has distinguished Mäurer & Wirtz for 170 years and what the company stands for is completely transformed each day to keep up with the times. We are focused on growth and adapt to new market conditions so we can integrate new business areas and enter new markets. All the while, we have never lost sight of our vision: telling stories through scents that make the world smell better.