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Fragrances of the Baldessarini Brand

Aspiration Meets Exclusivity

Baldessarini: Distinguished fragrances that are as high-quality and stylish as their brands

Each fragrance makes a statement. This is especially true when regarding a perfume by one of the most successful world-class designers. High-quality, unconventional and innovative – the premium fragrances from Baldessarini are the symbol for the brand and reflect its unmistakable character. For the dynamic, independent man with style who goes his own way. He considers the highest expectations as his benchmark, also in terms of his fragrance.

Werner Baldessarini

“The Baldessarini fragrance business is very near and dear to me. I am glad to have found such a competent and experienced partner in Mäurer & Wirtz, who have taken over the maintenance and further development of this brand. It is a nice feeling to know that something I built up myself is in such good hands.”

Werner Baldessarini

The Baldessarini Fragrances

Baldessarini: each fragrances makes a statment

Baldessarini is the luxurious fragrance brand for the most discerning tastes. The fashion designer Werner Baldessarini launched the eponymous scent and body care line in 2002. The first fragrance in the range, Baldessarini, continues to enjoy great success in the men’s fragrance sector far beyond the borders of Germany. The brand was acquired by Mäurer & Wirtz in 2012 as part of their prestige segment and was closely developed together with Werner Baldessarini – and continues to enjoy international success.

Baldessarini UOMO

A romantic match – the male fragrance companion to Baldessarini BELLA

Baldessarini Bella

As this year's olfactory trend is the rose, Baldessarini is now expanding its portfolio to include its first luxurious rose fragrance for women: Baldessarini Bella captures the queen of flowers with a creation that's sensually opulent and yet still natural. The exquisite Eau de Parfum will be available in stores from the start of April 2022.

Baldessarini Signature

The new fragrance statement by Baldessarini incorporates strong features and for the first time, woody oriental notes are combined with hints of Fougère for an exciting olfactory contrast, creating a fascinating aura of masculine charm. The new fragrance by Baldessarini Fragrances will be available for purchase from mid-September 2020.

Baldessarini Ambré Eau Fraîche

From the beginning of March 2020, Baldessarini Ambré Eau Fraîche will transport you to a luxurious Mediterranean setting. Inspired by the blue of the sea and the freshness of a light breeze, this distinctive fragrance lends its wearer a casual elegance. Baldessarini Ambré Eau Fraîche is the new variant of the bestselling Baldessarini Ambré – consistently intense and sensual, and now supplemented by a fresh new opening scent.

Baldessarini Black

Baldessarini Black marks an intense continuation of the pioneer fragrance – not an Eau de Cologne, but a voluminous Eau de Toilette. Valuable. Stylish. Luxurious.

Baldessarini Cool Force Sport

Powerful masculinity perfectly combined with stylish elegance. This is the hallmark of the Baldessarini fragrances. The special charisma and sophisticated appearance of the Baldessarini man lend a touch of class to a world focussed on success and exclusivity. Masculine strength is what makes this world so appealing and breathtakingly dynamic. Baldessarini – separates the men from the boys.

. The new fragrance Baldessarini Cool Force Sport will join the range at the end of February 2018, interpreting the coolness of this line of fragrances in a sportier and more dynamic way. The fragrance stands for moments of full concentration, in which endurance and power prove their worth.

With a nod to its predecessor fragrance, Baldessarini Cool Force Sport also comes in a purist design. The heavy glass flacon suits the cool elegance of the fragrance. The striking, dark concrete structure on the cardboard packaging stands in stark contrast to the matt white surface.

Baldessarini Cool Force

The DNA of the Baldessarini Fragrances brand, interpreted as the fragrance for the modern man – that’s Baldessarini Fragrances Cool Force. Nothing describes the essence of the brand better than the singular claim “Seperates the men from boys”. And this is how the new fragrance Cool Force – available in retail outlets from mid-March 2017 – unites the typically masculine intensity of the Baldessarini fragrance with a powerful, energetic freshness. This opens up a whole new world of scents – never before has a Baldessarini fragrance given such a feeling of freshness.

The fragrances by Baldessarini embody uncompromising elegance and have a strong character. They are all united by a distinctive fragrance signature with an unmistakable patchouli note.

Concrete has become a firm feature not only in architecture but also in interior design. Concrete furnishings and decoration lend a cool, puristic and timelessly elegant design. This is also reflected in the packaging of Baldessarini Cool Force, the optical and tactile highlight of which is the rough concrete texture on the folded box. The high-grade bottle made of frosted glass is showcased within the folded box. It feels heavy in the hand of the wearer – its cool elegance is immediately tangible. The bottle and folded box make an impression through pure understatement, coupled with modern elements of current lifestyle trends in the world of men.


Baldessarini is a charismatic fragrance for men who stand firm in their masculinity. The fragrance opens assertively with a stimulating head note of mandarin, bitter orange and green mint. The heart notes unfold to reveal a distinctively elegant composition featuring the delicate scent of patchouli blossom, spicy cumin seeds and cloves. The dry down is seductive and elegant in equal measure, bringing together a chord of sandalwood, balsamic notes and harmonious hints of musk.

The bottle, inspired by a classic eau de cologne flacon, reflects the brand’s timeless simplicity and a love of detail. The simple yet highly effective box provides an ideal setting for the classic bottle.

Baldessarini Ambré

Baldessarini Ambré is the fragrance of choice for the cosmopolitan gentleman who knows he can depend on his charisma and aura. The fragrance is a further expression of his spirit and his elegance, and it compellingly, yet subtly, underscores his success and position in life.

Inspired by the warm glow of amber, Baldessarini Ambré is a luxurious and sensuous composition. The head note opens with masculine accords of oak whisky casks with juicy mandarin and fresh red apple. The warm heart note unites contrasting floral notes of violet with a hint of seasoned leather. The base closes harmoniously and sensuously with oak wood, labdanum and amber.

The shape of the bottle is elegant and timeless. The outstanding feature is the embossed line – a symbol of clarity and the wide expanse of the horizon. The colour of the fragrance symbolises the glowing warmth of the amber-coloured evening sky.