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Birthday of a captivating fragrance brand

25 years of Betty Barclay Fragrances

From Vienna to Berlin - the fragrance brand Betty Barclay Fragrances celebrates its birthday with an anniversary tour.

There is good reason to celebrate – for 25 years Betty Barclay Fragrances has been thrilling its clientele with exceptional fragrances in pretty, feminine bottles. The multi-facetted compositions serve to accentuate a wide range of personalities, offering the perfect fragrance for every woman and every occasion.

The fragrance portfolio

The current range is made up of nine fragrances. Alongside the classics of Betty Barclay Woman N°1, Woman N°2 and Woman N°3, the popularity of this range is enhanced by romantic fragrances from the Emotion category, such as Tender Blossom and Precious Moments, and modern lifestyle perfumes, such as Pure Style and Pure Pastel. Betty Barclay Fragrances was established as an independent fragrance brand in 1992. All its fragrances are noted for their captivating femininity, and constantly offer new scent experiences ranging from warm and sensual to fresh and fruity or soft and floral.


The anniversary tour

To celebrate its timeless fragrance compositions, Betty Barclay Fragrances is embarking on an anniversary tour during the second half of 2017. A customised ice cream stall has already proved a brilliant way to showcase the latest perfumes of Pure Pastel Mint and Pure Pastel Lemon at the Gala Fashion Brunch and styleranking event The Beach. Journalists and influencers in the Austrian capital, Vienna, will be receiving a visit from the fragrance brand, which will also reach out to end consumers in various countries through publications in trade and lifestyle magazines.

The fragrance typology

Perfumes blend in with the skin of their wearer, leaving behind a fragrant impression of what the person stands for and what they wish to express. This makes fragrances into a non-verbal and intensely emotional way of underlining the wearer's individual personality. The various products in the Betty Barclay Fragrances portfolio therefore give rise to the question: Which Betty Barclay fragrance is the perfect match for your own personality?


An overview of the Betty Barclay fragrances


Pure Pastel – summery lightness
The two new fragrances of Pure Pastel Mint and Lemon convey the desire for a summer full of airy lightness. With its fruity-floral and powdery-woody notes, Pure Pastel Mint lends its wearer a special grace and beauty. The Lemon fragrance lifts the spirits and charms all and sundry with its citric-flowery freshness. #purepastel


Pure Style – puristic femininity
Fashion trends come and go, but style lasts forever. The composition of Pure Style is modern and puristic. At the same time, it reveals soft, feminine traits. #purestyle


Tender Blossom – springlike blooms
A fragrance that captures tender, floral notes and harks back to the beauty of spring. Like a walk across a flowering meadow in the clear, fresh air. #tenderblossom


Precious Moments – sensuous memories
A fragrance that invites its wearer to dream and makes every moment into something truly special. This playful-romantic creation opens up a world full of precious moments. #preciousmoments


Pretty Butterfly – magical aura
Like the beat of a butterfly's wings - carefree and playful. The soft fragrance composition of Pretty Butterfly enhances the diverse facets of its wearer and invests any personality with a magical radiance. #prettybutterfly


Woman N°1, 2 and 3 – timeless classics
The Betty Barclay Woman trilogy is aimed at self-confident, modern women, who approach life with both feet firmly on the ground. #womanno1 #womanno2 #womanno3



The fragrances are available in selected chemists, in department stores, in specialist shops as well as online at www.bettybarclay.com. More information is available at www.bettybarclay-fragrances.com and on Instagram and Facebook at @bettybarclayfragrances.