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Insights: The Successes of s.Oliver Fragrances

Fragrances as Diverse as Life Itself

s.Oliver Fragrances – special fragrances for authentic personalities

As colourful as life’s everyday pleasures; as varied as an inviting smile; as diverse as a day’s possibilities – the fragrances of s.Oliver, one of the largest and most well-known fashion companies in Europe, are incredibly versatile. Since 2002, the fashion and lifestyle label has had its own fragrances on the market. These, along with s.Oliver fashion accompany men and women of all ages through everyday situations. Users are especially impressed with the diversity of the fragrance series, its packaging design and the quality. These factors make this fragrance brand one of the most successful in the German lifestyle segment.

Always reliable. Always authentic. Suitable for every occasion.

Reliable in Every Situation and at Any Time

The regularly released seasonal fragrances never fail to impress: The fragrance s.Oliver Feels Like Summer for the warmer months builds on the success of its preceding and widely popular edition s.Oliver Tropical Flowers/Trees. A special feature of all seasonal fragrances is the flacon, which is designed in the style of the s.Oliver bestseller Men & Women. The latter is regarded as an established fragrance, because since its introduction in 2002 nearly 15 years ago, it has taken a firm place in the rapidly changing fragrance market – and has thus become the most popular fragrance series by s.Oliver.

Created to Leave a Fragrant Impression

In the annual ranking by IRI, a marketing institute for global market analysis, the exceptional success of this brand is confirmed: s.Oliver fragrances have consistently been among the top 10 in the German bridge fragrance market for the last 10 years. In 2016, the women’s perfumes achieved second place with 10.4% market share, while the men’s fragrances placed third with 12.0% market share. And the success continues: the elegant fragrance duo For Her & For Him from 2016 not only conquered the hearts of German consumers but also fragrance buyers in Europe, for example in the Benelux market. The s.Oliver For Her & For Him fragrances are often worn for special occasions. These magic moments that are frequently associated with these scents will be captured within the scope of a wedding campaign in 2017.

Variety is the Spice of Life

It is obvious that the secret for success of s.Oliver fragrances lies in its sincerity – and versatility. The portfolio offers high-quality, genuine fragrances at a fair price. The fragrances flatter each person every day and in any situation, while conveying an aromatic message: with the right fragrance for every occasion, it is possible to authentically show the many facets of one’s personality – just as a genuine smile fascinates with its uniqueness. This not only confirms the success of s.Oliver Fragrances, but also Mäurer & Wirtz’s love of fragrances.