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The refreshing scent of mysterious lagoons

4711 Acqua Colonia Intense Lagoons of Laos

Far from the main streets and bustling squares, a barely visible path opens up, which suddenly comes to an end and reveals a view of a lonely, hidden lagoon in the midst of the lush jungle: The sunlight dances on the water and makes it sparkle in vivid turquoise! Moist tropical air envelops the body while tiny beads of water refresh the face. The eyes are gently closed, and a breath-taking moment of absolute peace and tranquillity in this place of well-being is achieved. From mid-June 2021, 4711 Acqua Colonia Intense Refreshing Lagoons of Laos accompanies its wearer to a place of longing and envelops her in an intense fragrance composition.

A collection that opens up a world of exceptional fragrances
Interwoven colours, subtle sounds and, last but not least, overwhelming smells – the beauty of many landscapes also manifests itself in its fragrance. Everyone has their own feel-good place that speaks to their innermost self. This conviction inspired the House of 4711 to capture snapshots of breath-taking landscapes in the exclusive Eaux de Cologne of 4711 Acqua Colonia Intense. These offer a particularly long-lasting fragrance experience and dedicate themselves not only to individual ingredients but to entire landscapes: the appeal of beautiful beaches (Sunny Seaside of Zanzibar), the mystical beauty of the forest (Wakening Woods of Scandinavia), the colourful abundance of delicate wild flowers in a meadow (Floral Fields of Ireland), the refreshing air at the peak of a mountain (Pure Breeze of Himalaya). And with 4711 Acqua Colonia Intense Refreshing Lagoons of Laos, now also the aquatic freshness of a hidden lagoon deep in the rainforest.

Refreshing Lagoons of Laos
Refreshing Lagoons of Laos is a fragrant ode that transports you to the land also known as the forgotten jewel on the banks of the Mekong. The aquatic tropical notes recall worlds of incredible originality and naturalness – the incomparable moment of discovery of a mysterious lagoon in the rainforest. Notes of grapefruit, fresh cucumber and green apple open this colourful, radiant composition. Nuances of lotus, rose and green lilac leaves create a fresh, aquatic heart note, while sandalwood, white amber and musk contribute soft, delicate and long-lasting influences. An aquatic-green creation in harmony with transparent floral aromas!


The special component: the lotus flower, which feels at home in the warm, clear and calm waters of Asia and is a symbol of purity, loyalty, creativity and enlightenment. In olfactory terms, it exudes fresh, delicate, floral, aquatic and spicy notes and endows the heart of this fragrance with its uniqueness.


  • Top note: Grapefruit, cucumber, green apple
  • Heart notes: Violet leaves, lotus, rose
  • Base note: Sandalwood, white amber, musk



aquatic – tropical - soft


"When creating this fragrance, I was looking for pure, soft, watery tones. Since a lagoon is often a closed space surrounded by vegetation, I also wanted to bring a green, naturalistic feeling to the fragrance. Several of the components in the fragrance have this double botanical-aquatic quality, with a cool, refreshing feeling.
A fragrance that explores new freshness and watery effects."
Elise Benat (Perfumer)

Tropical design
The design of 4711 Acqua Colonia Intense Refreshing Lagoons of Laos also allows the fragrant impressions of the rainforest to be experienced visually. The folding boxes are embellished with great attention to detail and hand-drawn illustrations that picture the magnificent lotus flowers and the lush leaves of the jungle. The elegant and imaginative character is also accentuated by the light colouring of the bottle, which perfects the aquatic look. A tropical look as refreshing as the hidden lagoons of Laos!

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