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4711 Acqua Colonia Limited Edition 2021

Fragrances like delicious fruit smoothies that you can almost taste: superfoods and natural ingredients are all the rage but also endow the fragrance with real power. The two fragrance compositions of Acqua Colonia Limited Edition 2021 combine powerful and soothing natural ingredients: Goji & Cactus Extract and Bamboo & Watermelon surprise us with a special kind of freshness. The two fragrances were created using innovative "Smell the Taste" technology, which enables a completely new olfactory experience. The two new creations will be available in stores from the beginning of April 2021.

Exclusive Limited Edition
Each year for the Acqua Colonia Limited Edition, current trend themes are picked up and given an olfactory interpretation in soothing fragrance creations. "Smell the Taste" technology is a process that recreates natural flavours while blending smell and taste to create a fascinating and unique fragrance experience.


Goji & Cactus Extract – activating
Powerful red elements of Goji berries together with intense green cactus extracts create an exciting fragrance blend.

Goji Berry – activating
Nowadays, Goji berries are an extremely popular superfood – but they have a tradition dating back millennia: in China, they are also called the berry of happiness and form an integral part of Chinese medicine. They are reputed to have a positive influence on well-being: daily consumption is said to make you feel more agile. An anti-aging effect is also attributed to these berries.

Cactus extract – highly effective
Cactus extract is obtained from the cactus tree Opuntia ficus-indica and is a traditional remedy with cosmetic effect. Rich in vitamins, the extract has a positive effect on the body in a variety of ways: it hydrates, promotes cell regeneration, and thus acts as a genuine freshness booster.

Perfumer Philippine Coutière about Goji & Cactus Extract:"This sparkling fragrance awakens feelings of summer!
A hint of green cactus extract is added to the bright red notes of goji berry green for an energetic-sweet blend. An exhilarating fragrance experience that you want to relive again and again."



Bamboo & Watermelon – comforting
Light green bamboo notes in combination with the delicately sweet aroma of watermelon provide a pleasantly fruity freshness kick that you can almost taste.

Bamboo – soothing
Bamboo is part of the sweet grass family, originally native to Asia. The plant is unusually robust and therefore very versatile. Bamboo is associated with various positive and symbolic meanings: it is regarded as a symbol of long life in China, as a symbol of friendship in India and as a sign of purity in Japan. In classical homeopathy, it is deemed to be strengthening, soothing and calming.

Watermelon – Refreshing
The watermelon is a useful crop native to Africa, which is now grown worldwide in warm regions. It is considered an ideal thirst quencher because despite its high water content of over 90 percent, it has an intense, very refreshing aroma. In addition, watermelon has a strengthening effect on the immune system and bestows a pleasant freshness kick on the skin.

Perfumer Alexandra Monet about Bamboo & Watermelon:"This fragrance is the perfect subtle summer companion!
Soft, green bamboo notes are surrounded by a nurturing freshness, while transparent, delicate red accords from the watermelon add a certain sweetness. Overall, a light fragrance that imparts a holistic sense of well-being."



Natural contrasts
The flacon and outer packaging of the Acqua Colonia Limited Edition 2021 are presented in a refreshing play of colours. The intense red of the Goji berry and the juicy green of the bamboo allow each of these two fragrances to shine through. The striking contrast of this invigorating colour combination is highlighted still further by matching illustrations on the box. The flacons, refined with silver lettering, add an extra touch of elegance to these fragrances. Two refreshing fragrances that also make a stunning visual impact.

The Acqua Colonia Limited Edition will be available from authorised retailers from the beginning of April. Available all year round, the 4711 Acqua Colonia collection consists of the variations Lychee & White Mint, Saffron & Iris, White Peach & Coriander, Lime & Nutmeg, Pink Pepper & Grapefruit, Lemon & Ginger, Mandarin & Cardamom and Blood Orange & Basil.

Goji & Cactus Extract Natural Spray 50ml
Bamboo & Watermelon Natural Spray 50ml