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4711 Acqua Colonia Myrrh & Kumquat – Saffron & Iris

An impressive collection of Eaux de Cologne
Spray on, breathe in, feel good - and immerse yourself in a variety of different fragrance worlds! The portfolio of 4711 Acqua Colonia will be enhanced from August 2018 by two particularly substantial versions, which round off the collection of now eight unique Eaux de Cologne in terms of their olfactory diversity. Each individual fragrance combines two contrasting ingredients, which interact to develop their perfuming appeal. As usual with the House of 4711, the focus is not just on the art of the perfumer but also on the effect of the final compositions: All fragrances from 4711 Acqua Colonia have an aromatherapy effect on body and soul!

Elegant new scents
While the existing standard variations of Acqua Colonia are primarily based on citric-aromatic fragrances, for the first time 4711 Acqua Colonia Myrrh & Kumquat and 4711 Acqua Colonia Saffron & Iris offer floral and exotic-spicy notes. The warmth and gentleness of the new compositions create a special volume. The fragrances unfold elegantly on the skin and enhance the Eau de Cologne fragrance genre with a novel flair. The light head notes so typical of a cologne remain but are supplemented by a particular depth in the fragrance content.

Acqua Colonia Myrrh & Kumquat – harmonising
The smoky-balsamic note of myrrh creates a powerful interplay with the fruitiness of the kumquat, revealing a secret world of fragrance. The contrast of balsamic spice and sweet freshness harmonises and lends a degree of serene composure.

Myrrh – balsamic, smoky
Due to its reinvigorating and restorative properties, oil of myrrh is considered the jewel of modern aromatherapy. The slightly spicy-sweet fragrance of balsamic refinement provides for mental relaxation and a sense of inner peace.

Kumquat – citric, tart
This exceptional fruit is noted for its tart yet sweet aroma. Kumquat enlivens the spirit and strengthens the senses. When blended with the secretive fragrance aura of myrrh, its aroma is staged in a distinctive way.

The precious essential oil of myrrh is extracted by steam distillation from the sun-kissed resin of a shrub-like tree, which grows in eastern regions of Africa. Kumquat bushes came originally from Asia and bring three interesting olfactory facets with them: their small, fragrant flowers, the tart-sweet fruit and the bitter peel.

Acqua Colonia Saffron & Iris – relaxing
This composition combines the powdery fragrance notes of the elegant iris with the aromatic tang of saffron. Two particularly precious ingredients, which fuse together to form a velvety whole and bring clarity of thought through their fine fragrance. The combination of warmth and gentleness lends a touch of relaxation to everyday life.

Saffron – spicy, warm
The essential oils of the precious saffron threads are used primarily due to their calming properties. The warming components have a positive effect on mood and calm the spirit.

Iris – powdery, soft
The iris has an elegant and powdery scent. A hint of luxury from nature itself. Softly it wraps and stabilises its wearer, unfolds its pure, fine, floral nature and in so doing fortifies intuition and creative energy.

Saffron is a violet-blooming type of crocus, whose flowers produce threads of saffron as an aromatic and fragrant spice. Known as "red gold", saffron threads have to be harvested by hand, making saffron one of the most expensive spices in the world. The intensive fragrant oil of the iris is extracted from the root in a multi-stage process after a maturing period of up to five years. One of the most valuable fragrance oils of our time!

Stylish natural references in the packaging design
One look at the boxes of the 4711 Acqua Colonia fragrances is enough to spark the imagination - as the botanical illustrations on the packaging design of this series give a hint of the compositions contained inside. Every label was assigned a striking colour, so that the new variations stand out visually from the existing portfolio of fresh, light colours. A warm, earthy greige is the elegant colour code for Myrrh & Kumquat, while the signature colour for Saffron & Iris is a rich shade of violet, chosen to illustrate the special volume of the composition. 4711 Acqua Colognia is constantly reinventing Eaux de Cologne - both in terms of perfume and visual appeal.

The basic fragrance variations White Peach & Coriander, Lime & Nutmeg, Pink Pepper & Grapefruit, Lemon & Ginger, Mandarine & Cardamom, Blood Orange & Basil are still available from authorised retailers. More information is available at www.4711.com and on Instagram at www.instagram.com/4711 and Facebook at www.facebook.com/houseof4711. #4711 #acquacolonia #inspiredbynature

Myrrh & Kumquat Eau de Cologne Splash & Spray 170 ml
Myrrh & Kumquat Eau de Cologne Natural Spray 50 ml
Myrrh & Kumquat Aroma Shower Gel 200 ml
Saffron & Iris Eau de Cologne Splash & Spray 170 ml
Saffron & Iris Eau de Cologne Natural Spray 50 ml
Saffron & Iris Aroma Shower Gel 200 ml