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4711 Acqua Colonia Seasonal Edition

Fragrance highlights for the cooler season

Following the huge success of the first Seasonal Edition, two new limited-edition fragrance creations will be added to the Acqua Colonia range this year. The favourite fragrance of the previous Seasonal Edition, Plum & Honey, and the new Red Apple & Chili scent, offer an intense fragrance experience and are perfect for the cooler season. Both Eaux de Cologne are available on the market from the end of August 2016. 


The effect of the Seasonal Edition

Acqua Colonia is known for the aroma-therapeutic effect of the various components of its fragrances, which have a positive effect on mood. While the permanent Acqua Colonia range available all year round is wonderfully refreshing, the Seasonal Edition fulfils the intense need for feel-good moments on cooler days. With this, the House of 4711 has succeeded in creating a sophisticated refinement in the world of Eau de Cologne. Acqua Colonia Plum & Honey, like the Red Apple & Chili fragrance, combines pleasantly cool elements with warming, enveloping fragrance nuances. 


A synergy of warm and cool nuances 

Spray on, enjoy an intense experience soaking up the elements of the fragrance and embark on an olfactory journey — that's what both compositions invite you to do. Designed as a fragrance experience for the autumn and winter, these fragrances subtly caress their wearers. So cosy!


Acqua Colonia Plum & Honey


An enveloping and inspiring fragrance. Balm for the soul! The super-sweet aroma of plums gives the Eau de Cologne a mood-enhancing note, while the aroma of honey calms anxiety and relaxes the mind. Acqua Colonia Plum & Honey takes you on a winter stroll through nature, followed by a hot drink laced with golden honey. 


Acqua Colonia Red Apple & Chili


A warming fragrance that inspires you to simply surrender to cosy comfort and dream of far-away lands. Red apple is a symbol of temptation, well-being and pleasure. Exotic chili, with its spicy notes, creates an exciting contrast to the succulence of the apple and adds a warming element to the wintery composition. So far and yet so near, so familiar and yet so unknown. A combination of contemplation and aspiration.


Stylishly nostalgic packaging design

Fittingly for the time of year, the premium design features frosty silver and cool cream tones. The strong identifying colours of both fragrances, red and purple, are symbolic for the vitality and special charm of the Seasonal Edition and invite you to find out more about the unusual compositions. Botanical drawings on the box highlight the natural ingredients in an effective manner.


The campaign, a work of art for the senses

Creativity, a creative spirit and inspiration in harmony with nature — that is what Acqua Colonia is all about, and this is reflected visually in the campaigns. The drawings by famous Spanish illustrator Gabriel Moreno turn the key visuals of Acqua Colonia into small works of art.


An overview of the two seasonal fragrances 

The permanent fragrances continue to remain part of the range: Lime & Nutmeg, Pink Pepper & Grapefruit, Lemon & Ginger, Mandarine & Cardamom, Blood Orange & Basil.

For further information, visit www.4711.com.

Type, SizePrice
Eau de Cologne Plum & Honey Eau de Cologne Natural Spray, 50 ml 19,90 €*
Red Apple & Chili Eau de Cologne Natural Spray, 50 ml 19,90 €*