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Cotton & Almond and Pomegranate & Eucalyptus

4711 Acqua Colonia Seasonal Edition 2019

Seasonal Edition 2019
The evenings are getting shorter, the air cooler, the leaves are falling from the trees – autumn and winter are on their way! Some people are drawn out into the great outdoors while others feel the need for comfort and warmth. In keeping with the cold season, this year the House of 4711 is once again launching two limited edition trend creations with mellow nuances in its popular Acqua Colonia fragrance series: Cotton & Almond and Pomegranate & Eucalyptus. The fragrance compositions of the Seasonal Edition which, depending on the variant, provide new energy or convey a sense of warmth and comfort, form a perfectly balanced duo and are now available in stores.

Eaux de Cologne for the colder months
Snuggled up under a warm woollen blanket, we enjoy a soothing sense of well-being and celebrate the homely feeling of winter. For us, winter is a time to wind down, spend hours in peaceful contemplation and relax in our warm homes. A mood that matches the fragrance of 4711 Acqua Colonia Cotton & Almond. And sometimes – as nice as it is to indulge ourselves in to our winter comforts – we want a little push to renew our zest for life. Shrugging off the winter blues, we head off for long, brisk walks, meet friends at the Christmas market or go skating in the park. A splash of 4711 Acqua Colonia Pomegranate & Eucalyptus invigorates body and soul!

Exclusive Limited Edition
With the two new versions, 4711 Acqua Cotton & Almond and Pomegranate & Eucalyptus, the latest Seasonal Edition builds on the successful concept of the past few years: once again, the cool facets of the winter months join with warming, soothing nuances. This results in an exciting olfactory contrast which combines the best of both worlds – and which breathes new life into the light fragrance genre of the Eaux de Cologne with its sophisticated perfume, even in winter. A time when we seek physical and mental tranquillity and a compelling need to lighten our mood. The new Seasonal Edition creates snug, feel-good moments in which you can be enveloped by the flattering aromas of cotton and almond or gather new energy with the fresh, invigorating scent of pomegranate and eucalyptus.

Cotton & Almond – comforting
Soft, creamy almond milk harmonies are delicately wrapped in the fluffy velvet of cotton blooms. Cotton and almond unfold their full beauty in the fragrance and merge into a languorous composition. A creation that embraces us like a comfort blanket, giving us a sense of well-being and security. A magical touch of soft, white velvet.

  • Cotton – soft: The cotton stands for pure softness and represents an enveloping, powdery scent with a sense of carefree comfort that is the hallmark of this fragrance.
  • Almonds – aromatic: The almond can be found in two facets in this composition: as delicate almond milk embedded in the fragrance, and as a subtle marzipan association that gives the creation its warmth.


Pomegranate & Eucalyptus – activating
Juicy-sensual fruit notes combine with refreshing liveliness – like a cheerful smile on a cold winter's day. This composition gets us going because the fruity-acidic fragrance of the pomegranate activates the senses while the aromatic herbal freshness of the eucalyptus clears the head. Both trend ingredients symbolise health and well-being and combine to create an energising fragrance that gives new strength.

  • Pomegranate – fruity: The pomegranate with its deep red colour already looks like a typical winter fruit. The superfood lends this activating creation its red fruitiness at the start and unfolds a multi-faceted fragrance experience with its sweet acidity which gives it a strong and positive flair.
  • Eucalyptus – fresh: The green note of eucalyptus adds a refreshing and invigorating contrast to this fragrance composition. The essential oil of this plant forms an aromatic, stimulating component. It is not without reason that the eucalyptus is said to revive the exhausted spirit.


Stylish link to nature
Finished with frosty silver accents, the flacon and its outer packaging are designed to suit the cool season. An intense, warm red tone that exudes joie de vivre defines the colour code of Pomegranate & Eucalyptus, while Cotton & Almond in elegant white tells of a fragrant winter fairy tale. Botanical illustrations on the box highlight the natural ingredients to great effect. Two stylish fragrances inspired by nature!

The limited Seasonal Edition is available from authorised retailers. The 4711 Acqua Colonia collection available all the year round consists of the variations Myrrh & Kumquat, Saffron & Iris, White Peach & Coriander, Lime & Nutmeg, Pink Pepper & Grapefruit, Lemon & Ginger, Mandarin & Cardamom and Blood Orange & Basil.
More information is available at www.4711.com, on Facebook at www.facebook.com/houseof4711 and on Instagram at www.instagram.com/4711.

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