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4711 Acqua Colonia Seasonal Edition

4711 Acqua Colonia Seasonal Edition

The air is fresh, mist lingers in the atmosphere and colourful leaves fall from the trees. The cold season is the perfect time for going out into the countryside and being able to watch nature fall into its winter sleep. Equally, time spent at home or in a café, immersed in a book or a lively conversation, makes up for the short days and the cold nights. Whether you are out and about in scarf and gloves or snuggled up under a blanket in a cosy parlour – all's right with the world when a warm drink keeps the cold at bay. A hot tea or coffee is good for the soul and leaves you with a sense of pleasurable well-being. From the beginning of September 2017, this sensation is always just a spray away: The 4711 Acqua Colonia Green Tea & Bergamot and Coffee Bean & Vetyver fragrances capture those magical moments when your thoughts drift away like the steam from a hot drink and a warm feeling of well-being washes over you.


Limited Edition combines warm and cool nuances

The great success of the Seasonal Edition in previous years demands an annual reprise. That's why this year the Acqua Colonia range is being expanded by two limited edition seasonal creations. Applying sophisticated perfumery skills, the cool freshness that is so characteristic of the Eau de Cologne fragrance style is combined with warm, soothing nuances. Thanks to their aromatherapeutic effects, the selected ingredients offer uplifting moments of cheer in the cool autumn and winter months.


Acqua Colonia Green Tea & Bergamot – calming

Green Tea & Bergamot envelops its wearer in a soft, velvety aura. The calming fragrance fills body and soul with pure harmony. The energy of the green tea is reminiscent of Asian tea ceremonies, while the fruity freshness of uplifting Bergamot brings out a deep, inner balance.

  • Green Tea: Green tea leaves have a positive effect on mental balance, provide inspiration and lend the Eau de Cologne its soft, clear note.
  • Bergamot: Bergamot is the perfect companion for tea – familiar as the flavour of Earl Grey, the scented oil of the tangy citrus fruit in its pure form is a real mood enhancer.


Acqua Colonia Coffee Bean & Vetyver – stimulating

This vivacious character fragrance is truly exceptional and concise. Its stimulating effect teases out vital energy and provides inner strength. Roasted coffee beans and tangy, fresh vetyver create a powerful interplay and give the fragrance its sensuous and attractive complexity.

  • Coffee beans: The powerful, multifaceted fragrance note of roasted coffee beans provides energy. All around the world, the captivating allure of pure coffee sharpens the mind and stimulates the senses.
  • Vetyver: In perfect harmony with coffee beans, vetyver, with its elegant, sweetly herbal nuances, has a strengthening and regenerating effect. The distinctive fragrance of vetyver oil grounds its wearer.


Stylish natural references in the packaging design

The inspiration for these fragrances comes from the raw materials of the coffee and tea plants – and this is reflected in the packaging design. The botanical drawings on the box underline the high quality of the fragrances and accentuate the ingredients to great effect. Green, the colour of hope, is the delicate colour code of Green Tea & Bergamot, while a darker, cooler brown tone is the colour that signifies Coffee Bean & Vetyver. In an appropriate nod to the season, the flacon and its outer packaging are embellished with a touch of silvery frosting.


An overview of the two seasonal fragrances

4711 Acqua Colonia Seasonal Edition Green Tea & Bergamot Eau de Cologne Natural Spray 50 ml
4711 Acqua Colonia Seasonal Edition Coffee Bean & Vetyver Eau de Cologne Natural Spray 50 ml