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4711 Acqua Colonia Tea Edition 2020

Fragrant tea is a truly special delight – powerful and soothing. No other drink so naturally promotes well-being of body, mind and soul – tea has been working its magic for around 5000 years. Tea rituals reward us with a dedicated break for relaxation and harmony in our daily lives. The traditional infusion drink is an excellent companion for a little wellness "me-time". The exclusive aromas of the limited Acqua Colonia Tea Edition from the House of 4711 ensures a very special sense of well-being for tea lovers. The two exceptional fragrance compositions, Green Tea & Bergamot and Matcha & Frangipani, will be available in stores from the end of May 2020, transforming personal moments of relaxation into an olfactory experience.

Exclusive Limited Edition
So far, the Acqua Colonia creations have made the cold season come alive, with its seductive, warm compositions. The limited collection of the Acqua Colonia Tea Edition is the first all-season trend topic. Tea rituals are the oases of well-being in everyday life. We treat ourselves to a moment of relaxation and create a feeling of wellness and inner balance when we indulge in soothing teas. The two new creations flatter their wearers with exciting olfactory contrasts. Green Tea & Bergamot is a refreshing, invigorating fragrance for all senses – spanning aromatic, tangy chords and citrus nuances. The Matcha & Frangipani variant, on the other hand, exudes a mild, soothing aroma with gentle, sensual notes and a bitter sweetness.

Green Tea & Bergamot – activating
The refreshing, sparkling bergamot adds a revitalising touch to the mild green tea bouquet. This creation playfully merges refreshment and relaxation and activates the senses. It's an invigorating wellness fragrance – for a gentle awakening of body and soul!


  • Green Tea – invigorating: Green tea has been valued as a health-promoting drink in many different cultures for thousands of years, because it can be a genuine wellness booster. One cup is often enough to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life for a few minutes and quickly recharge our batteries.
  • Bergamot – refreshing: As a hybrid plant, bergamot combines the positive properties of sweet lime and bitter orange. Bergamot oil is considered a fragrance of the Victorian Age – clear, fresh, vibrant, sparkling and of great originality. The refreshing aroma calms and invigorates both the mind and the body.


About perfumer Elise Bénat – Green Tea & Bergamot: Her first source of inspiration is nature. Then come all the olfactory influences that move her in her daily life and arouse her sense of smell over and over again. These include her son, the atmosphere of her home, the kitchen, people and travels, simply everything!


Matcha & Frangipani – comforting
Matcha notes have both a mild aroma and tart notes. Here, an extraordinary variety of tea meets the contrast of sensual floral aromas: a gentle creation for letting go, relaxing and for every wellness ritual!


  • Matcha – aromatic: The bright green Japanese drink of ground green-tea leaves is considered a health-enhancing stimulant. The flavours of this traditional tea reveal themselves – tart, but not really bitter, creamy, intense, sometimes even fruity or nutty, but always aromatic.
  • Frangipani – relaxing: The enveloping fragrance of the Frangipani flower enhances femininity, has a mood-brightening and relaxing effect on the wearer. A sensual fragrance that can have a positive influence on mood.


About perfumer Mathieu Nardin – Matcha & Frangipani: After discovering the scent of Matcha in the lively New York café "Cha Cha Matcha", Mathieu Nardin presented an unusual creation inspired by the land of the rising sun, that combines Matcha with a sunny character.


Stylish link to nature
The delicate tea leaves and bright green tones adorning the flacon and outer packaging of the Acqua Colonia Tea Edition, give you a hint of the soothing aroma it holds. The botanical illustrations on the box highlight the natural ingredients and selected tea plants to great effect. The minty hues of the flacon, refined with silver script, bestow added elegance on the fragrances of Green Tea & Bergamot and Matcha & Frangipani. Two natural fragrances with style.

The limited Tea Edition will be available at authorised retailers from the end of May. Available all year round, the 4711 Acqua Colonia collection consists of the variations Lychee & White Mint, Saffron & Iris, White Peach & Coriander, Lime & Nutmeg, Pink Pepper & Grapefruit, Lemon & Ginger, Mandarin & Cardamom, Myrrh & Kumquat and Blood Orange & Basil.
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Green Tea & Bergamot Natural Spray 50 ml
Matcha & Frangipani Natural Spray 50 ml