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A fruit explosion opens up new horizons

4711 Remix Cologne 2021

Escape your everyday life and be who you want to be – this is the motto of the new variant of the 4711 Remix Edition 2021 in which fruity orange blossom plays the leading role. Rarely has the desire for endless freedom been greater, as when we give free rein to our creativity we can celebrate life in a multitude of ways. In 2021, the 4711 Remix Cologne breathes life into the desert and delivers a fruity and fragrant explosion. Visually, the new variant resembles a world of colour – ideal for escaping from your everyday life and opening up your own new olfactory horizons.

The success story continues
Since 2018, 4711 has been capturing the zeitgeist with its newly revitalised fragrance compositions: 4711 Remix Cologne takes up the latest trends and reinterprets them each year in a modern edition. The focus each time is on one of the seven main ingredients (lemon, bergamot, orange, lavender, rosemary, neroli and petit grain) which are then remixed. Over 225 years of fragrance history are catapulted into the present. In the first year, the spotlight was on juicy orange, earning the fragrance the German "Duftstar" perfume award in the "Lifestyle Women" category. 2019 was all about soft lavender, while in 2020 tangy lemon set the tone and proved hugely popular. This year brings a welcome surprise in the form of the fresh and fruity scent of neroli oil, extracted from the white flowers of Spanish orange trees. The perfect fragrance accessory for anyone wishing to bring some refreshing vitality into their home.
Due to significant demand, the previously limited Remix Editions will be available permanently from 2021, thereby expanding the regular 4711 range.

The fruity freshness of orange blossom in an adventurous remix
The initial notes of mandarin and peach are reminiscent of a delicious fruit cocktail which, when mixed with a hint of neroli, acquires a cheeky, colourful sparkle that lightens the mood. In the heart, the combination of orange blossom and woody aspects results in an exciting and unexpected blend, softened by a sweet touch of praline. Warm notes of vanilla, dry wood and patchouli underline the intensity of the composition in the base note and thus continue the exciting (fragrance) journey.


  • Top note: Neroli, mandarin, peach
  • Heart note: Orange blossom, praline, ambered wood
  • Base note: Patchouli, vanilla, dry woods



"This fragrance is bursting with cheerful, summery optimism. Notes of mandarin and peach open the composition with an exquisitely fresh succulence alongside the floral, green and honeyed scent of neroli. Orange blossom, praline and modern ambered woods create a radiant, sunny heart note, while textured patchouli, dry woods and vanilla convey a warm, pleasant feeling on the skin until the sun goes down! The fragrance is full of joie de vivre." (Nathalie Lorson, perfumer Remix Cologne – Edition Neroli)

Bright and colourful – the design
The design integrates the golden elements of the classic 4711 Original Eau de Cologne, but still radiates modernity and freshness thanks to its predominantly pink elements. Its colourful, orange blossom-inspired design is bright, surprising and spontaneous.

This explosive summer fragrance is available in stores from March 2021.

4711 Remix Refreshing Tissues
The Original Eau de Cologne refreshing tissues have long since gained cult status! And they are particularly in demand at the present time because of their refreshing and cleansing properties. Just in time for the launch of the new Remix Edition in March 2021, the first Remix Refreshing Tissues will make their debut, with their fruity, fresh fragrances presented in a colourful mixed box. In addition to the completely new Remix Orange Blossom variant, refreshing tissues in the lemon and orange fragrances complete the 10-pack box. This is the perfect way to enjoy a varied fragrance experience by exploring the different fragrances of the Remix variants. The upbeat design combined with playful sayings on the individual sachets brings delightful diversion and proves that hygiene can also be fun! These refreshing and cleansing tissues are thus the perfect companion when you're on the move and an absolute must-have in every handbag and trouser pocket!

4711 Remix Orange Blossom Eau de Cologne Natural Spray 100 ml
4711 Remix Orange Blossom Refreshing Tissues Remix Cologne 10-pack Mixed Box