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Enjoy the carefree ease of summer with a touch of lavender

4711 Remix Cologne Edition 2019

Life is a journey – enjoy the ride
When the clouds turn mauve again and the adventure of a new day begins – then one thing is clear: Summer's set to be unique! Like a spontaneous road trip with friends, there's no goal and no sense of time. The only things that matter are the unforgettable moments as you drive along. The days are long, and every moment is precious. The priorities are clear: there's no fixed plan, simply leave your everyday life behind. Press exit! The new 4711 Remix Cologne "Van Life" captures precisely this desire for a carefree approach to life. With a gentle hint of lavender, the fragrance celebrates true summer relaxation – available from the beginning of April 2019!

Breathing new life into an iconic fragrance
With 4711 Remix Cologne, 225 years of fragrance history are catapulted into the present! The new fragrance series has been dividing the icons of Eaux de Cologne into their individual parts since last year – each of the seven main ingredients of 4711 Original Eau de Cologne is being "remixed" in a limited edition. Sounds like a fragrance explosion? Spot on! The ingredients of lemon, bergamot and orange, lavender and rosemary as well as neroli and petitgrain lend 4711 Original Eau de Cologne its unique character, yet each of these ingredients has an exciting olfactory world of its own! The 4711 Remix Cologne range of fragrances reinterprets Eaux de Cologne in a contemporary, surprising and refreshing way: In 2018, the spotlight was on juicy orange. Now 2019 brings the relaxing lavender that confounds all expectations!

The blooming freshness of lavender remixed in summer
The soothing scent of lavender caresses like a lilac-coloured cloud, reminiscent of the endless, blooming lavender fields of Provence. With a slight tang, at the same time delicate and soft: Lavender is guaranteed to lift your spirits. But that's not all by a long chalk! Reinterpreted, 4711 Remix Cologne breaks with the traditional lavender associations. The beauty of the fragrance unfolds in a surprisingly different way: gentle, floral, modern. The smell of freedom and purity, of spontaneity and limitless possibilities. A unique, soothing and fresh fragrance, this 4711 Remix Cologne is perfect for an unforgettable summer full of joie de vivre and lightness – and for the next adventure!

Gentle lightness in the fragrance
Lavender in a whole new mix: Gentle bergamot and sparkling lemon create a vivid opening note. Complemented by the soft touch of Mate tea, the 4711 Remix Cologne shows freshness and softness right from the start. Lavender combines with the purity of freesia and iris as the fragrance unfolds, and is then given a special touch by the spicy nuances of hibiscus seeds. Sandalwood, musk and a modern hint of praline make the fragrance something truly extraordinary and leave a lasting, irresistible impression – like the summer of 2019.

  • Top note: Lavender, bergamot, mate, lemon
  • Heart notes: Iris, ambered hibiscus seeds, freesia
  • Base notes: Sandalwood, musk, praline

"The radiance that emanates from the lightness of a Cologne meets sensual clarity and thus emphasizes the gentle, soft side of the lavender – embedded in a floral-amber bouquet" Christiane Plos, perfumer.

Hand-lettering as design trend
The design reflects the basic idea behind the concept: Familiar elements are retained but complemented by unexpected aspects. The iconic Molanus bottle and the integration of gold graphic elements are a nod to the classic 4711 Original Eau de Cologne. At the same time, the hand-lettering style illustrates the lightness and modernity of the 4711 Remix Cologne – an olfactory fragrance explosion in a hypnotic, luminous violet hue.

An overview of 4711 Remix Cologne
The invigorating summer fragrance is available in two sizes from the beginning of April 2019. Due to its great success, the launch of the orange remix from the previous year is also available again in the 100 ml version. 4711 Remix Cologne is available from the beginning of April 2019 from selected pharmacies, department stores and malls, in specialist stores and online. More information is available at www.4711.com, on Facebook at www.facebook.com/houseof4711 and on Instagram at www.instagram.com/4711.

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