Mäurer & Wirtz

Mäurer & Wirtz receives an award for its courageous fragrance concept

4711 Remix Cologne wins the “Duftstars” German perfume award once again

The premium prize in the German fragrance industry was awarded for the 25th occasion on 2nd December: 4711 Remix Cologne 2020 won the “Duftstars” German perfume award in the “Women's Lifestyle” category after impressing a top-level jury of journalists and industry representatives for the second time with its modern re-interpretation of the 4711 brand.

Every year since 1996, the Fragrance Foundation have held the “Duftstars” award ceremony – the most prestigious in the fragrance and beauty industry – to honour outstanding fragrance concepts from the previous year. Stephan Kemen, CEO of Mäurer & Wirtz, personally accepted the coveted award during the glamorous event which was broadcast as a live stream from the RTL studios in Cologne. “Remix Cologne is a radical reinterpretation of the 4711 brand. We placed all our eggs into one basket and we put the zeitgeist of 4711 to the test every year. The 'Duftstar' award for the successful 'Lemon' scent demonstrates that courage wins the day. Thank you for yet another award for the 4711 Remix Cologne series!”

A fragrance as sparkling as life itself

Bright, modern and lively – 4711 Remix Cologne has been celebrating life and its adventures with bold new fragrance compositions since 2018. After the innovative fragrance concept gained the “Duftstar 2019” award with the first fragrance variant “Orange” after only one year, the citrus fragrances of 2020, spicy shiso and aromatic yuzu, brought home the pure joie de vivre of summer! 'Lemon' has become the best ever seller, impressing both 4711 lovers and a wider audience with the standards it is setting in the Eaux de Cologne segment as the “best lifestyle women's fragrance”.

A success story in the young target group

A 119% surge in sales and two award-winning fragrance variants in four years send a clear signal about the success of the fragrance series. 4711 Remix Cologne has not only received a variety of beauty awards from the fragrance industry but is also clearly acclaimed by customers, as demonstrated by achieving the “Best number 1 innovation in the Bridgemarkt”* in 2018 and 2020. Through a rigorous strategy of digitalisation and revitalisation, Mäurer & Wirtz, a family-owned company, has succeeded in overcoming one of the most demanding challenges facing a business – transforming a traditional brand image into one with a future-facing image radiating relevance and confidence.

*Source: IRI Trading Panel, sell-out, global sales development since 2018; average sales in the first three months after launch