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Acqua Colonia Yuzu & Cedarwood

In a world full of decisions and challenges, abundance and change demand our attention every day. As a result, it's all the more important that we consciously take the time to focus on our own path, our own priorities and goals! The focusing effect of the new Acqua Colonia Yuzu & Cedarwood creation gets us back to the basics. The different facets of nature transport us into the here and now through their contrasting interplay. From the end of June 2024, the unisex fragrance and the accompanying Aroma Shower Gel with their citrusy, woody nuances will radiate distinctive freshness for a clear head.


The first distinctively citrusy eau de cologne
The Acqua Colonia fragrance collection comes with the promise of exceptional Eaux de Cologne that invigorate, fortify, stimulate and soothe. By combining two special, contrasting main ingredients, the Cologne creations develop their beneficial effect on body and soul. The new Acqua Colonia Yuzu & Cedarwood fragrance picks up on the international popularity of citrusy-woody scents with its interplay of sparkling yuzu nuances and woody cedarwood accords. Perfumer Angéline Leporini has created a fragrance featuring a special combination whose unique freshness is designed to let us live in the moment.


The fragrance and its focusing effect 
The new citrusy, woody Acqua Colonia creation Yuzu & Cedarwood feels like a welcome wake-up call: sparkling notes of yuzu paired with the resinous dry nuances of fine cedarwood have a focus-promoting effect. The fresh lively fragrance stimulates our mind to keep us from being distracted by outside influences. Acqua Colonia Yuzu & Cedarwood is a striking, noble creation that bestows focus!

Yuzu – citrusy
A small Japanese citrus fruit, that has firmly established itself as a mainstay in the world of perfumery. The combination of light effervescence with gentle sweetness and nuances of bitter notes makes for a highly complex signature that provides fresh zesty notes. Like many other citrus notes, the yuzu pairs well with woods.

Cedarwood – wood
The scent of cedarwood is characterised by dry, green and resinous notes, giving fragrances a distinctive, long lasting character. Depending on the type of cedarwood, it may also exude dark and spicy facets. Cedar oil is renowned for its balancing effect on body and soul. 

'A fresh citrusy creation, accompanied by smoky cedar wood notes.
The tangy yuzu with its tart and juicy aroma contrasts with the resinous, dry cedarwood, which gives the fragrance its noble character. A distinctive fragrance whose perfect harmony of contrasting nuances helps its wearer live in the here and now.'

Angéline Leporini, perfumer


Stylish design
Acqua Colonia Yuzu & Cedarwood also exudes a striking yet optimistic freshness in its visual impact: the deep forest green colour scheme evokes feelings of contemplation and grounding, perfectly encapsulating the concept. Along with the elegant design of Acqua Colonia, the look is graceful and elegant. The iconic Molanus flacon with relief finish adds a touch of class to any bathroom. The watercolour of the Japanese citrus fruit on the natural-looking folding box in soft green conveys a feeling of opulence and rich contrast. Thus the design also becomes a special moment of indulgence!


Completely natural and sustainable
At the House of 4711, we have been delighted and inspired by the facets of nature for more than 230 years. At Acqua Colonia, therefore, the composition of our products is very important to us. We want to preserve the precious wonders of nature for the future as a source of inspiration and power, and as a place of well-being. Between 90 and 97 percent of the raw materials used for the fragrance creations are naturally sourced. Acqua Colonia pays particular attention to when natural raw materials offer an advantage for fragrance and the environment over synthetic raw materials. Synthetic substances can reproduce fragrance facets in a resource-saving manner and offer endless options for exciting creations. Since 2021, we have by default waived the use of substances of animal origin, mineral oils and dyes for new compositions. The material for the box comes from confirmed responsible sources. Thanks to our production site in Germany, we also stand for the highest quality standards and can guarantee short supply routes.


The cologne line variants Freesia & Musk, Peony & Sandalwood, Starfruit & White Flowers, Lychee & White Mint, White Peach & Coriander, Lime & Nutmeg, Pink Pepper & Grapefruit, Lemon & Ginger, Blood Orange & Basil are still available from authorised retailers. All 170 ml fragrance variants will be gradually converted to 100 ml flacon sizes in spring 2024.
Find more information at https://4711.com/en/collections/acqua-colonia, and on Instagram at www.instagram.com/acqua_colonia. #4711 #acquacolonia #inspiredbynature


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