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An alluring fragrance with Mediterranean flair

Baldessarini Ambré Eau Fraîche

From the beginning of March 2020, Baldessarini Ambré Eau Fraîche will transport you to a luxurious Mediterranean setting. Inspired by the blue of the sea and the freshness of a light breeze, this distinctive fragrance lends its wearer a casual elegance. Baldessarini Ambré Eau Fraîche is the new variant of the bestselling Baldessarini Ambré – consistently intense and sensual, and now supplemented by a fresh new opening scent. The impressive composition offers a balanced interaction between dynamism and masculine elegance.

New edition of the best seller
The claim "separates the men from the boys“ found a new meaning in Baldessarini Ambré, the first fragrance of the internationally successful Ambré line: that of seduction transformed into fragrance, coupled with the self-confidence and style of an experienced man. The typical attributes of Baldessarini – authority, stature and style – are also characteristic of Baldessarini Ambré Eau Fraîche. The reinterpretation of the popular classic is the choice for men of the world, whose casual and refreshing elegance never fails to impress. The design theme fits the mindset of Ambré Eau Fraîche: the vastness of the sea and the horizon that separates the sky from the earth as symbols of freedom and infinite possibilities.

The scent – a fresh, woody variant
An exciting combination of striking and refreshing fragrance nuances is the hallmark of Baldessarini Ambré Eau Fraîche and sets this new version apart from the woody oriental fragrance of Baldessarini Ambré.

In the new fragrance composition Baldessarini Ambré Eau Fraîche, the sensuous fragrance character of amber meets a charismatic, clear and highly invigorating opening of aromatic accords and fresh elements of watermelon and bergamot. The rich and distinctively masculine heart note underlines the sensuality and radiance of this fragrance with sage notes and the elegance of violet leaves. Warm, elegant wood tones provide an extravagant finale.

  • Top note: Bergamot, aromatic accord, watermelon
  • Heart notes: Apple, nutmeg, sage, violet, cypress
  • Base note: Sandalwood, leather, amber, oak, patchouli

distinctive – fresh – luxurious

Baldessarini Ambré Eau Fraîche – a fragrance that resembles its wearer: sensual, masculine, dynamic, with a refreshing style and irresistible charm.


The design – reminiscent of the endless expanse of the sea
Building on the design of the previous fragrance, the packaging reflects the Mediterranean ambience of the new fragrance: The box is rendered in marine blue, a colour which is in turn absorbed by the otherwise colourless flacon. A visual division enhances the effect: a narrow curvature in the glass encircles the bottle like a ribbon, dividing the field of view and giving the fragrance its blue lustre. A glossy, deep blue packaging box, featuring the same division and lettering as the flacon, completes the ensemble – its central, bright blue line evoking the distant horizon. Both flacon and box are notable for their clear contours and straight lines, thus embodying a refined, timeless and classic design.

One fragrance, two sizes
Baldessarini Ambré Eau Fraîche will be available in two different sizes from the beginning of March 2020 in specialist stores as well as in selected department stores. For more information visit www.baldessarini-fragrances.com or Instagram at @baldessarini_fragrances.

Baldessarini Ambré Eau Fraîche Eau de Toilette Natural Spray 50 ml
Baldessarini Ambré Eau Fraîche Eau de Toilette Natural Spray 90 ml