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Baldessarini Ambré Oud

Baldessarini Ambré Oud

Baldessarini Fragrances supplies scents for sophisticated gentlemen who make a strong impression in every situation with their style and confidence. The distinctive, manly Eaux de Cologne and Eaux de Toilette from this fragrance brand will be supplemented from the middle of September 2017 for the first time in the brand's history by an Eau de Parfum: Baldessarini Ambré Oud. A fragrance that radiates pure luxury and exclusivity. Natural oud lends the composition a particularly masculine intensity and gives it an elegant yet mystical character.

Select exclusivity
Baldessarini Ambré Oud is a variation of the popular fragrance Baldessarini Ambré, which has been enjoying international success since 2007. The new Ambré Oud is available in selected international markets. Just as selective as the distribution is the composition of the ingredients. Popular in Arabia, oud is the natural raw material found in Baldessarini Ambré Oud. The precious oud oil is extracted from the resin of the tropical agar tree and its unique qualities accentuate a masculine aura.

The fragrance – separates the men from the boys
The authority, strength and stylish confidence of an experienced man of the world. These attributes are embodied in Baldessarini Ambré Oud. The masculine-mystical composition combines elegant and bitter-smoky notes. Elements that serve as a symbol of the fragrance concept also form part of the composition: Inspired by the warm colours of whisky, the top note carries the aroma of an oak whisky barrel combined with fresh, red apples. The heart note is dominated by oud, in association with noble leather tones and the Baldessarini signature note of patchouli. The base note gets its sensual elegance from amber and smoky labdanum.

  • Top note: Oak whisky barrel, mandarin, red apples
  • Heart notes: Oud, violets, leather, Patchouli
  • Base notes: Amber, oak, labdanum


This complex statement fragrance conveys an aura of male sensuality and strength.


Elegant, luxurious design
The warm, dark colouring of the packaging design symbolises the concentrated energy of the setting sun. Lush, golden-red accents contrast with the elegant brown hues to underline the quality of this fragrance. The form of the heavy glass bottle is both timeless and elegant. The striking, indented line is typical of the Ambré concept – a symbol of clarity and the distant horizon.


The perfume among the Baldessarini fragrances

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