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The first ever women's fragrance by Baldessarini Fragrances

Baldessarini Bella

Confidence, standing and class – men's fragrances from Baldessarini have exuded these attributes and treated their wearer to their high-quality, masculine and distinctive signature scent since 2002. Baldessarini is now expanding its portfolio to include its first luxurious rose fragrance for women: Baldessarini Bella. As this year's olfactory trend is the rose, Bella captures the queen of flowers with a creation that's sensually opulent and yet still natural. The exquisite Eau de Parfum appeals to women who want to emphasise their elegant, expressive and self-confident appearance. Baldessarini Bella will be available in stores from the start of April 2022.

Bella: a world debut from the Baldessarini brand
She successfully takes charge of her own life with confidence, while remaining irresistibly charming at the same time. She forges her own path and knows exactly what she wants. Baldessarini women draw onlookers with their unique aura, placing all under their spell. True to the phrase 'She's the one', every Baldessarini woman is unique and inimitable. Like a rose, she reveals her inner beauty and strength to leave an unforgettable impression with timeless style. Baldessarini Bella was created as a floriental fragrance to represent femininity and strength of character. Personality and fragrance are intrinsically intertwined and complement each other – around half of all women feel that a personal fragrance is one of the most important aspects for their self-confidence.

The rose at the heart of a floriental composition
Baldessarini Bella is a floral bouquet of aura and grace, full of character and set against a backdrop of the elixir of the queen of flowers – the rose. The rich, slightly spicy and honey-sweet facets of the rose absolute unfold to provide a graceful scent experience paired with the sensually fresh aroma of the rose super essence. Following the interplay with lively notes of blackcurrant and sweet notes of mandarin, the rosy elixir ends with warm, sensual-woody and musk notes in the background with a powdery and gentle touch.


  • Top note: Pink grapefruit, blackcurrant, calendula, yellow mandarin
  • Heart note: Rose absolute, rose super essence, gardenia
  • Base note: Watery chords, musk, orcanox™


Fruity-fresh – floriental – feminine



"The queen of the flowers, the rose, is the most recognised and beloved flower around the world. It has been reinterpreted and reinvented in numerous olfactory forms for the world of perfumery. For Baldessarini Bella, I chose two different extraction methods to capture the multifaceted richness of the rose. Absolute provides depth and texture, while the super essence exudes the natural aura of the petals. An ode to the immortality of the rose, underlined by fruity-green notes of blackcurrant in the top notes and musky, seemingly cosmetic, soothing structures in the background."

Mathieu Nardin, Perfumer



Bold feminine design
The design perfectly mimics the Baldessarini Bella fragrance composition: elegant, timeless and feminine, yet bold. The angular shape of the high-quality glass flacon contrasts with the delicate pink colour, highlighting the concept of feminine strength. The packaging is also decorated in bright pink at the top with a shiny silver stripe separating it from the bottom, which is in elegant white. With their delicate mix of feminine colours and bold contours and lines, both the flacon and packaging are truly eye-catching – showcasing the first women's fragrance from Baldessarini with an elegant and timeless design.


The whole range at a glance

Spray on a feeling of elegance and individuality – with the Baldessarini Bella fragrance:

Baldessarini Bella Eau de Parfum Natural Spray 30 ml
Baldessarini Bella Eau de Parfum Natural Spray 50 ml