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Separates the men from the boys

Baldessarini Cool Force Sport

Powerful masculinity perfectly combined with stylish elegance. This is the hallmark of the Baldessarini fragrances. The special charisma and sophisticated appearance of the Baldessarini man lend a touch of class to a world focussed on success and exclusivity. Masculine strength is what makes this world so appealing and breathtakingly dynamic. Baldessarini – separates the men from the boys.

The concept
The success concept of Baldessarini Cool Force from the year 2017 is inspired by masculine characters who have set standards through their sheer strength of will. The new fragrance Baldessarini Cool Force Sport will join the range at the end of February 2018, interpreting the coolness of this line of fragrances in a sportier and more dynamic way. The fragrance stands for moments of full concentration, in which endurance and power prove their worth. Situations that radiate immense vigour coupled with the sensation that time is standing still. The cool wind in an open sports car, an extreme sporting performance with your pulse throbbing in your ear. A daring descent on the ski slopes, the spray of the ocean in a sailing race, the icy drops of a cold shower at the end of an energetic day. Baldessarini Cool Force Sport – experience the power of freshness.

The fragrance
The lively head note of this fragrance composition gives it a vibrant and fresh start, which soon transmutes into an aromatic-aquatic heart note. The masculine scent of rosemary, sporty water tones and elegant neroli flowers form the centrepiece. Finally, the woody base of cedar and sandalwood creates a combination that is both cool and warm at the same time. Patchouli generates the exclusivity and signature note of the Baldessarini fragrance brand.

  • Top note: Pear, Bergamot, Tangerine, Cardamom
  • Heart note: Rosemary, Water tones, Aldehydes, Neroli from Grasse
  • Base note: White patchouli, Musk, Cedar, Sandalwood



sporty – fresh – striking



A lively and vibrant fragrance for men who forge their own path and feel at one with their challenges. Who take a sporty attitude to life and radiate a cool and elegant self-confidence.


The design
With a nod to its predecessor fragrance, Baldessarini Cool Force Sport also comes in a purist design. The heavy glass flacon suits the cool elegance of the fragrance. The striking, dark concrete structure on the cardboard packaging stands in stark contrast to the matt white surface. The two are separated by a red stripe, which also forms the dominant colour theme of the concept and is repeated on the inside of the packaging and in the red of the name suffix "Sport". A powerful, striking colour, which signals sporting energy as well as self-assured masculinity. Like the wearer of the fragrance, who takes a visionary approach and is always centred.


The range
Distinction and sportiness, in their most exclusive form, captured in a fragrance in two sizes. Baldessarini Cool Force Sport will be available from the end of February 2018 in specialist shops as well as in selected department stores. More information can be found at www.baldessarini-fragrances.com or on Instagram at @baldessarini_fragrances.

Baldessarini Cool Force Sport Eau de Toilette 50 ml
Baldessarini Cool Force Sport Eau de Toilette 90 ml