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Floral dreams for the spring

Betty Barclay Beautiful Eden

Some fragrances are like poetry. In the instant they are perceived, they evoke a sense of dreaming, feel like a gentle caress and give a fleeting indication of the wonders of the imagination. Betty Barclay Beautiful Eden transports you into a wild, enchanted garden full of the scents of many different flowers and the greenery of spring plants. A place where birds sing in the trees and the sun shines through the lush foliage. Far away from the noise of traffic and telephone ringtones, this is a true retreat into a paradise of calm. The fragrance of Betty Barclay Beautiful Eden imbues the wearer with a magical naturalness amid the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and wraps her in a sea of spring blossom.

Betty Barclay Beautiful Eden @matiamubysofia
The fragrance Betty Barclay Beautiful Eden, available in shops from the beginning of March 2018, is a perfect match for the spring. The fragrance is embodied by the face of the campaign: the influencer @matiamubysofia. Sofia Tsakiridou is the perfect example of a young woman who takes an honest and open approach to the world while preserving her gentle, warm-hearted nature. In a similar vein, the new fragrance Betty Barclay Beautiful Eden is aimed at natural, romantic women who feel a close connection with nature and live in harmony with the natural world. Who doesn't dream of their own small paradise?

Floral fragrance
A magical fragrance, which awakens the spirits with a fruity and lively top note to create a positive mood. At its heart, delicate floral notes are reminiscent of an enchanted garden, creating a romantic fragrance experience. The composition is rounded off by creamy-soft, feminine harmonies.

  • Top note: Pears, ripe blackcurrants and mandarins
  • Heart note: Peony, Egyptian jasmine and lily-of-the-valley
  • Base note: Cedar, sandalwood and vanilla


fruity – floral – light as a feather

Betty Barclay Beautiful Eden umhüllt seine Trägerin zart wie eine Blüte und entführt sie in einen verwunschenen, paradiesischen Garten.


Delicate colours in the design
The striking and sensuous flower on the packaging of the fragrance is a colourful firework display of delicate pastel hues. This is a perfect fit for the romantic flacon and its fragrant contents. Not only is the fragrance floral, but the flacon itself takes the form of a flower. The raised, frosted petals of the Eau de Parfum distinguish it from the Eau de Toilette, with its simple, transparent bottle. For the first time, Betty Barclay Fragrances is adding a Soft Shower Foam and a Moisturizing Body Mousse to the care products of its Beautiful Eden range, providing the perfect delicate finishing touch.


Fragrant range
Immerse yourself in a sensuous ocean of flowers – with the fragrances and care products of Betty Barclay Beautiful Eden. Betty Barclay Beautiful Eden is available from the beginning of March 2018 from selected pharmacies, department stores and malls, in specialist stores and online at www.betty-barclay.com. More information is available at www.bettybarclay-fragrances.com and on Instagram and Facebook at @bettybarclayfragrances.

Betty Barclay Beautiful Eden Eau de Parfum Natural Spray 20 ml
Betty Barclay Beautiful Eden Eau de Toilette Natural Spray 20 ml
Betty Barclay Beautiful Eden Eau de Toilette Natural Spray 50 ml
Betty Barclay Beautiful Eden Deodorant Natural Spray 75 ml
Betty Barclay Beautiful Eden Soft Shower Foam 200 ml
Betty Barclay Beautiful Eden Moisturizing Body Mousse 200 ml
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