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Fragrances that make the heart beat faster

Betty Barclay Love Collection

Your heart turns somersaults, your knees go weak – no woman ever forgets the sensation of falling in love for the first time. Nor the great emotions of an intense love that lasts a lifetime. Launched in 2007, Betty Barclay In Love is now expanding its range with First Love and Everlasting Love, offering two new and exciting fragrances that capture the various stages of love – because love is probably the loveliest theme in the world! With its three compositions, the Betty Barclay Love Collection stands for the moments of romance, happiness and anticipation that every woman experiences – whether she is floating in seventh heaven, remembering those special moments or dreaming of them with longing. The fragrances will be available exclusively from dm from the beginning of October 2019.

The exciting emotional world of falling in love
Love is ever-present, accompanying us at all ages and in all situations – making it a wonderful inspiration for the new fragrance counterparts to the popular Betty Barclay In Love. This inspiration is also reflected in an olfactory sense: Betty Barclay First Love is a lighter fragrance and Betty Barclay Everlasting Love more intense than the classic Betty Barclay In Love. All three compositions touch the heart and senses in their own way and envelop every woman in an aura of romance and happiness.

Great emotions as a fragrance experience
Fruity, floral top notes provide a pleasant freshness. Depending on the fragrance, light or intense romantic elements then unfold in the heart. The base enchants with warm, sensuous notes – and the combination of all the ingredients produces fragrances that gladden the heart and make it beat a little faster!

Betty Barclay First Love

  • Top note: Lemon, yuzu, apple
  • Heart notes: Lotus, peony, jasmine
  • Base note: Cedar, musk

Betty Barclay First Love is a delicate, playful fragrance that takes you back to your first love.


Betty Barclay In Love

  • Top note: Pink grapefruit, white peach, redcurrants
  • Heart notes: Honeysuckle, freesia, heliotrope
  • Base note: Sandalwood, amber, musk

Betty Barclay In Love is redolent of passionate romance and perpetual butterflies in the stomach.


Betty Barclay Everlasting Love

  • Top note: Redcurrants, freesia, jasmine
  • Heart notes: Violet, lily of the valley, vanilla
  • Base note: Sandalwood, tonka beans, cistus

Betty Barclay Everlasting Love is the fragrance of great emotions that last a lifetime.


Soul-stirring design
The design of the fragrance portfolio reflects the whole experience of falling in love, which grows stronger with each fragrance: The colours of the flacon and folding box – moving from a delicate rosé to a deep blackberry shade – intensify through the range. The high-quality flacons with their rounded shape look feminine and elegant.

Fragrant range
The various stages of love, symbolised by the Betty Barclay Love Collection, exude their sweet charm as Eau de Toilette. Betty Barclay First Love and Everlasting Love are exclusively available at dm-drogerie market from the beginning of October 2019. More information is available at www.bettybarclay-fragrances.com and at Instagram and Facebook at @bettybarclayfragrances.

Betty Barclay Love Collection Eau de Toilette Natural Spray 20 ml