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A fragrance as exciting as summer itself

Betty Barclay Pure Sun

The sun on your skin, a light breeze and turquoise sea, the shimmering sun in the sky and a golden sandy beach for miles and miles – that's Betty Barclay Pure Sun. A uniquely intense fragrance that immerses its wearer in the beauty of summer. As an extension of the successful fragrance Betty Barclay Pure Style, Betty Barclay Pure Sun also exudes self-confident femininity and emotional sensuality. This time, it's inspired by a very special favourite place: Summer – sun – beach. Available in shops from the beginning of March 2021, this is a perfect match for spring.

Betty Barclay fragrances exude femininity and a feminine attitude towards life, giving women the opportunity to enhance the facets of their personality that they want to express at any given moment. If you love the smell of sunscreen on your skin and the sensation of sand under your bare feet, you'll love Betty Barclay Pure Sun. You can't get enough of rich, intense colours and the tingling sensation of warm sun rays? Betty Barclay Pure Sun combines all that, giving you an ultimate fragrance experience.

A fragrance of summer
The feminine-soft fragrances of its predecessor Betty Barclay Pure Style are complemented with the fresh intensity of summer in Betty Barclay Pure Sun, creating a true fragrance experience. Diamond orchid, magnolia and desert gold make up the fresh and aromatic prelude of this fragrance. At its heart is a striking creation of lotus flower, neroli and rare pink apple blossom – a unique fragrance cocktail that unfolds a delightful sensuality and vibrant warmth. Benzoin, sandalwood and hinoki add depth to the soft foundation and bring the composition to a harmonious close. Betty Barclay Pure Sun reminds us of those long, unforgettable summer days that we long for. The vegan ingredients are one more reason for a carefree summer feeling.


  • Top note: Diamond orchid, magnolia, desert gold
  • Heart notes: Lotus flower, neroli, rare pink apple blossom
  • Base note: Benzoin, sandalwood, hinoki wood

An exciting fragrance for a pure summer experience.



Sunny design
The packaging design of Betty Barclay Pure Sun shines as bright as the summer sun: The intense yellow-pink colour gradient on the bottle and folding box resembles a wonderful sunrise and makes us dream of a clear, warm morning on the beach. The feminine and asymmetrical silhouette of the bottle underlines the playful, spontaneous charm of its aromatic content. The vegan seal was applied to the back of the folding box for the first time for easy and safe orientation.

The range
Betty Barclay Pure Sun exudes pure summer feeling both as an eau de toilette and eau de parfum. Betty Barclay Pure Sun is available from the beginning of March 2021 in selected pharmacies, department stores and malls, in specialist shops as well as online at www.betty-barclay.com. For more information, please visit www.bettybarclay-fragrances.com and find us on Instagram and Facebook @bettybarclayfragrances.

Betty Barclay Pure Sun Eau de Toilette Natural Spray 20 ml
Betty Barclay Pure Sun Eau de Parfum Natural Spray 20 ml