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The citrusy floral addition to the award-winning sustainable fragrance collection

hej:pure pure lemon

Sustainability isn't a trend. It's the future! When it comes to perfumes, the search for products that are both distinctive and sustainable finally came to an end in 2022. The new fragrance brand hej:pure has won over consumers and industry experts alike, combining sustainability with a fun olfactory experience – from fragrance oils to folding boxes, every sustainability aspect has been carefully considered. Perfect for the summer, the new transparent citrus fragrance pure lemon complements the existing collection of the three clean fragrances pure flower, pure water and the award-winning pure wood. pure lemon is available from Müller as of mid-May 2023. From July onwards, all fragrance variants will be available from the usual physical and online retailers and perfumeries.


hej:pure – a conscious fragrance concept
hej:pure is the first holistically sustainable fragrance concept from the fragrance manufacturer Mäurer & Wirtz, taking into account the entire value chain: from sustainably grown resources to supporting social and ecological environmental projects to sustainable, recycled and recyclable packaging materials. The fragrance formulations also play their part. The "Clean Fragrances" do not contain any controversial ingredients such as dyes, palm oil, mineral oil, phthalates or UV filters and are also 100% vegan. For this concept, the innovative fragrance brand was awarded the pioneering sustainability award – the Duftstar 2022 – by the German fragrance industry in the year it was launched, after just six months on the market. This was the first time the German Fragrance Foundation honoured a responsible fragrance brand with the "Green Award". This recognition is granted to a brand that keeps pace with the times by integrally implementing the distinct need of its retail partners and end consumers for sustainability, pioneering the establishment of a sustainable fragrance sector. hej:pure has also gained international acclaim and was recently nominated for the Swedish Beauty Award in Sweden. It's an accolade the new fragrance variant pure lemon also hopes to obtain.


hej:pure – pure lemon
A transparent, citrusy floral fragrance, as clean as the sparkle of the morning sun on a dew-coated white citrus flower

The citric freshness of the top note is provided by tangy bergamot, lemon and mandarin. Floral and white notes of elegant orange blossom underline the warm and gentle expression. The creamy and enveloping chords of warm cedar in the base note give the fragrance its sensual character and elegant finish. 


  • Hero Ingredient: Bergamot essence – sourced from responsible cultivation in Italy. pure lemon contains ingredients that come from the CSR programme "Naturals Together" (fragrance house: Firmenich)
  • Social Engagement: Respect for the environment and biodiversity, responsible cultivation and sustainable harvesting, application of traditional methods, certified origin, transparency 


fresh – sparkling – feminine

“I wanted to create a fragrance that emulates a sense of joy, good vibes and freshness. This tangy fragrance exudes happiness and conjures a smile with every spray.”
Alexandra Monet – Perfumer 


Sustainable packaging: reduce – reuse – recycle
In terms of waste prevention and resource conservation, hej:pure focusses on three criteria: #REDUCE: The flacons contain recycled glass, don't feature a plastic cap or cellophane and are packaged in folding boxes made of FSC-certified cardboard, which contains 100% recycled fibres and is printed using water-based, environmentally friendly inks. #REUSE: The spray heads of the flacons can be unscrewed for better waste separation or to reuse the glass flacons as cute DIY vase, for example. #RECYCLE: In order to ensure that the valuable raw materials are not wasted but instead reused, all packaging components (spray head, glass flacon and box) are optimally recyclable and have been certified by the external institute Cyclos as having excellent recyclability of 98%.


Social Engagement
hej:pure takes its ecological-ethical responsibility seriously, taking action in two ways. #GOODFORCOMMUNITIES: Each of the three fragrances contains a “hero ingredient”, a special ingredient that has been sustainably and socially produced and promotes fair working conditions in the respective region. #GOODFORTHEPLANET: As not all greenhouse gas emissions from the production process can currently be avoided, despite a reduced packaging concept, the fragrance manufacturer voluntarily offsets its remaining carbon footprint by supporting climate protection projects that fit the concept of "pure" and the company's efforts to avoid plastic. For example, ClimatePartner is funding a marine-protection project "Plastic Bank" and a drinking-water project in a community in Uganda. The fragrance series also supports WWF in an important model project in South East Asia to stop the flood of plastic into the oceans. www.wwf.de/plastikflut


A fragrance brand with social responsibility
So far, hej:pure has offset a total of just under 75,000 kg of CO2. With ClimatePartner, hej:pure offsets its carbon footprint through the following top-rated, climate-protection projects. Plastic Bank: a project that ensures less plastic gets into the sea and is instead recycled by involving the local population. In Haiti, Indonesia, Brazil and the Philippines, local residents collect plastic waste from the beaches and have the opportunity to exchange this ocean plastic at collection points for money, food, drinking water or school fees. Spouts Drinking-Water Project: this project distributes ceramic water filters to low-income families in Uganda. The ceramic filters remove 99.9 percent of bacteria and thus prevent serious diseases. This means the project can protect both the health of people who otherwise have no access to clean drinking water and the environment – to make the existing water drinkable, many families see no other option than to boil it. This produces large amounts of CO2 emissions, and the firewood or charcoal required for boiling, depending on the region, creates increasingly large areas of deforestation. The largest commitment undertaken by the series is the marine conservation project launched by the WWF (nature conservation organisation World Wide Fund for Nature Germany). With the model project to prevent the flood of plastic into the ocean and its causes, hej:pure is committed to protecting the world's oceans by funding recycling infrastructure in South East Asia. Information and education campaigns for the local population, as well as workshops and training sessions, help to raise environmental awareness. This helps prevent single-use plastic due to tourism, reduce the flow of plastic waste into marine protected areas and develop waste management systems. More information is available at: www.wwf.de/plastikflut


Pure, sleek design
The design is also natural and pared back: the brown, sleek flacon uses recycled glass and opts for a pure look, only featuring the brand and fragrance name in white. For hej:pure, instead of the standard plastic cap, only a small metal clip adorns the flacon. The FSC-certified box is made of 100% recycled fibre material. Each fragrance has its own colour scheme, which adorns the boxes with organic-looking design elements on a natural cardboard background. In the spirit of pure lemon, the folding box features cheerful shades of yellow. This fragrance has no cellophane wrapping, meaning there's no extra plastic. All materials can be disposed of separately at home in glass and paper recycling bins, as well as in mixed recyclables bins, so they can be returned to the material flow and recycled, earning the product a recyclability rating of 98 percent.

The fragrance series hej:pure consists of the fragrances pure flower, pure water, pure wood and pure lemon. From July 2023 onwards, all fragrances will be available from the usual physical and online retailers and perfumeries.


Spray on a touch of nature's purity with pure lemon:

hej:pure pure lemon Eau de Parfum 50 ml
hej:pure pure lemon Eau de Parfum & Shower Bar 50 ml/60 g