Mäurer & Wirtz

Mäurer & Wirtz wins new sustainability award at the "Duftstars" 2022

Honoured as a pioneer of the sustainable fragrance segment

At a festive gala ceremony on 17 November to celebrate the "Duftstars", the perfume industry's highest award, a "Green Award" was presented for the first time. Mäurer & Wirtz prevailed against a tough competitive environment of renowned fragrance brands with its innovative fragrance concept hej:pure and won the forward-looking sustainability award of the German fragrance industry in the first launch year of hej:pure.

The German perfume award “Duftstars” has been bestowed on outstanding fragrance concepts for 30 years. New this year: In recognition and awareness of the enormous importance of sustainability, the German Fragrance Foundation is honouring a responsible fragrance brand with the "Green Award" for the first time. It indicates a brand that keeps pace with the times by integrally implementing the distinct need of its retail partners and end consumers for sustainability, pioneering the establishment of a sustainable fragrance segment. Stephan Kemen, CEO of Mäurer & Wirtz, personally accepted the coveted award during the glamorous event, which was live-streamed from the Cologne RTL studios. "With hej:pure we have set a trend-setting signal for the sustainable fragrance segment. We are especially pleased to win the "Duftstar" in this important category. It demonstrates that our courage and tireless drive for innovation really does pay off. Many thanks to my team at Mäurer & Wirtz for your passionate work. I would like to extend special thanks to our retail partner Müller, who always believed in the success of the brand!"

Luminary of the sustainable fragrance industry
For the "Green Award", a category-specific expert panel evaluated the overall impact created by the fragrance concepts that were submitted. In addition to olfactory quality, packaging and production, the criteria also include ingredients along with social and environmental responsibility. Among other things, a holistic assessment included detailed consideration of the use of recycled material as well as plastic alternatives, re-usability, reduced material consumption, climate-friendly, vegan and clean formulas, efficient use of resources, climate-neutral production sites and commitment to social and environmental initiatives. In a tough competitive field of 14 submissions, hej:pure pure wood impressed the panel of sustainability judges and thus not only its end users with its olfactory and socio-ecological quality.

hej:pure – totally future-oriented
hej:pure is the first holistically sustainable fragrance brand by fragrance manufacturer Mäurer & Wirtz. The range takes into account the entire value chain: from responsibly grown resources to support for social and ecological environmental projects and stylish packaging design featuring a superb recyclability level of 98 percent. The fragrance formulations also demonstrate the assumption of responsibility. A "clean fragrance", hej:pure is 100% vegan and has a feel-good effect without controversial ingredients such as palm oil, UV filters and dyes. Three fragrances that contain distinctive, natural ingredients, which are sourced from responsibly grown raw material and were obtained under fair working conditions. To help curb the tidal wave of plastic, they have no plastic cap or cellophane film wrapping. Social engagement and funding for water and marine protection projects also underpin this sustainable approach.