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A journey to exciting fragrance worlds

Les Destinations – six new fragrances

What if you could close your eyes and one spray would transport you to spectacular places? Meet the fragrances that open the gates to another world.

A world perfume tour

The niche fragrances of Les Destinations spark your imagination and evoke associations with faraway places. They whisk you away to destinations with their own, specific scents and unique olfactory signature. Flacons and folding boxes bear geographic coordinates and a subtle colour code, hinting at but not – at first – revealing the destination which inspired this fragrance. Once you have tested it, a wonderful olfactory world unfurls and the mystery is resolved on the back of the box. Here, you will find a description of the place to which the perfume has been dedicated. From mid-March 2023, the six new unisex fragrances from Les Destinations will be available both in select high-quality specialist perfumeries and in the Les Destinations online shop: https://les-destinations.de/

Pursuing our eternal wanderlust and desire for new impressions, in 2023, we embark on our journey to exclusive, longed-for places that we dream of visiting at least once in our lives. Travel with us to Isparta, the birthplace of the luxurious Damask rose, the aroma-filled pulsating streets of Mumbai, to Madagascar's myth shrouded natural landscapes, La Réunion, the place where high-quality Bourbon vanilla originated, the vibrant jungles of Sumatra and to the oasis Al-’Ula, located on the old incense road. This year once again, renowned perfumers have captured these places in a precious niche collection; these fragrance creations are as extravagant as their destinations are extraordinary. 


Les Destinations – 37°56'N 30°57'E Isparta
Discover a unique view of virtually endless fields of roses, treasured by the fragrance industry. The Turkish rose city of Isparta is the birthplace of the Damask rose. This luxurious ingredient is plucked in the course of a special rose harvest before sunrise, to extract its unique fragrance oil. Floral, rosy and green: this fragrance combines fresh floral notes with the floral queen of perfumery.


  • Top note: Rose, raspberry, pink pepper
  • Heart note: Damask rose, peony, blackcurrant, milk/cashmere wood  
  • Base note: Vetiver, amber, musk


floral – rose – green

„As long as I can remember, the scent of blooming roses has been a source of pure inspiration for me. Isparta is a floral fragrance with the intoxicating sensuality of freshly plucked roses. The top note combines fruity raspberry notes with the mild tang of pink pepper. A breathtaking infusion of Moroccan rose absolute, Turkish rose, sweet peony and soft, smooth cashmere wood forms the opulent, sophisticated heart note. Earthy vetiver, dry amber and white musk embrace the senses with sweet, creamy softness. It's simply la vie en rose...“
Sidonie Grandperret, perfume creator, Les Destinations Isparta


Les Destinations – 19°4'N 72°52'E Mumbai 
A fragrance reminiscent of a stroll through the vibrant city districts, where the alleys are saturated with the aroma emanating from the tea stalls, blending with the vapours of the traditional Indian Basmati from the little rice cakes. The sweet and spicy aura that encounters delicate floral accords and hovers under the rice canopies of Mumbai in an exhilarating aroma creates a distinctive fragrance experience that combines vivacious freshness, beguiling vanilla and velvety woods. 


  • Top note: Bergamot, matcha, rice
  • Heart note: Rose, cyclamen, tonka beans
  • Base note: Vanilla, musk, cedar


citrus – floral – tea

„The scents of the culinary creations in the streets of Mumbai and the pulsating atmosphere of the city were the inspirations for my compositions. The Mumbai fragrance pays homage to the vibrant spirit that permeates this metropolis. An amazing and distinctive creation that sends our senses on a journey. Sparkling bergamot and lush green fields of matcha tea leaves and rice make up the top note of this creation. The heart note develops from a floral bouquet of delightfully sweet roses and fresh cyclamen that blends with powdery tonka bean. The very unique blend is complemented by bold cedar and musk nuances, combined with the seductive sweetness of creamy vanilla in its base."
Daniela Marty, perfume creator, Les Destinations Mumbai


Les Destinations – 18°55'S 46°26'E Madagaskar 
Just like the stunning landscape of the island of Madagascar, poised in the Indian Ocean as the scene of myths and legends, this aromatic composition draws its wearers into its spell. A fruity spiciness composed of bergamot and cardamom opens the fragrance with a unique charisma. Enveloping notes of geranium, cypress and elemi paint an olfactory picture of nature. In Madagascar, the resin from the elemi tree is used as incense and its purpose is to harmonise. It's a warm, woody fragrance with a lot of promise.


  • Top note: Bergamot, cardamom
  • Heart note: Geranium, elemi, cypress
  • Base note: Vetiver, cedar, moss, patchouli, musk


woody – spicy

"The untamed natural environment of Madagascar provides a wide variety of colours and fragrances. Vetiver's native country is characterised by a wonderful contrast, in which dry landscapes of red sand heated by the burning sun encounter the verdant vegetation of the lush rainforest. My goal was to interpret the stark contrasts of this wilderness in one fragrance. A dry warmth embodied by the woodiness of vetiver, smoky and earthy, crowned by lively cardamom and a fresh splash of bergamot."
Julien Plos, perfume creator, Les Destinations Madagascar


Les Destinations – 21°7'S 55°32'E La Réunion
A contrasting spectacle like no other; white and black beaches, volcanic and alpine mountain landscapes, tropical forests and vanilla plantations. Île Bourbon, the former name of La Réunion, is the birthplace of high-quality Bourbon vanilla. It's an isle that has a scent of sensuality. In this fragrance creation, a firework of pink pepper, olibanum, cedar, tonka bean and ylang ylang celebrate oriental nuances and woody notes, providing for vibrating depth.


  • Top note: Pink pepper, bergamot, olibanum
  • Heart note: Ylang ylang, rose, cedar, sandalwood
  • Base note: Vanilla, tonka bean, benzoin, musk


oriental – vanilla

"I took my inspiration from the native region of Bourbon vanilla, La Réunion, graced with its many warm, earth tones . Sun-ripened bergamot and magical olibanum, combined with spicy pink pepper, set the tone for a thrilling adventure in the head note. This is followed by a combination of beguiling ylang ylang and delicate Bulgarian rose, paired with warm cedar wood and creamy sandalwood. The journey continues through the oriental base notes of sensual vanilla, powdery tonka bean, balsamic benzoin and white musk, giving the entire composition a long-lasting base.”
Maurus Bachmann, perfume creator, Les Destinations La Réunion


Les Destinations – 26°33'N 37°57'E Al-’Ula
An oasis in Saudi Arabia, located on the ancient incense road – Al-’Ula is situated on one of the world's oldest trade routes for the most precious goods. Between monumental rock tombs, extinct volcanoes and an epic desert landscape, hints of Damask rose, vibrant spices and sensual vanilla intertwine in a spicy, oriental dance with fruits, resins and woods on the bustling trade route. An oriental dream come true – and an exclusive fragrance treasure, which has a wonderful way of setting the stage for the Arabian oud.


  • Top note: Elemi, bergamot, raspberry
  • Heart note: Damask rose, clove, oud
  • Base note: Patchouli, vanilla, rock rose


woody – leathery – oud

"This fragrance creation is an olfactory invitation to journey to the majestic Al-’Ula oasis in the heart of the Saudi Arabian desert. Interpreted in a light, modern style, the precious oud paired with the sensuality of vanilla and rose reflects the warm shade of the cliffs shaped by nature and mankind."
Gabriela Chelariu, perfume creator, Les Destinations Al-’Ula


Les Destinations – 3°36'N 98°38'E Sumatra
Located west of Indonesia and at the edge of the ocean, the island of Sumatra promises a fascinating world of jungles and volcanic landscapes. Its tropical climate lends the island dominant woody and earthy fragrance notes, which are interpreted in an exciting olfactory creation. The fragrance opens with a citrusy embrace with a lavender note in the morning, and with the migration of the sun, passes into spicy, earthy accords in the dusk until it comes to rest in the warm night with woody aromas, thus encapsulating an unmistakably exclusive, niche fragrance. 


  • Top note: Lemon, lavender
  • Heart note: Rock rose, vetiver, benzoin
  • Base note: Patchouli, vanilla, musk


woody – patchouli

"The Sumatra region lies in the midst of the vast expanse of the Indian Ocean and harbours many natural treasures. One of these is patchouli. Les Destinations Sumatra is inspired by the wilderness of the rainforest and its humid woody interior, which are contrasted by warm vegetation. The misty air brims with the exotic fragrance of this lush jungle, in which the treetops appear to touch the clouds."
Coralie Spicher, perfume creator, Les Destinations Sumatra


The design – minimalist and refined
Les Destinations is distinguished by a sleek and elegant design. Folding boxes and flacons are minimalist, bearing different coordinates and a subtle coloured stripe for each location. The compass depicted on the cap also evokes the endless longing for these distant destinations. The sleek cylindrical shape with heavy closure provides a sophisticated look for both her and him. The design even feels extravagant to touch. Simply opening the high-quality folding box is an experience in itself and adds an additional touch of luxury.

Les Destinations – high quality fragrance creations Eau de Parfum 50 ml