Mäurer & Wirtz

Best Supplier Award 2016

Mäurer & Wirtz Best Supplier Award 2016

In October 2016, Mäurer & Wirtz presented the Best Supplier Award for the sixth time at the richly traditional 4711 building in Cologne's Glockengasse.

For over 170 years, the perfume maker Mäurer & Wirtz has produced the finest fragrances and personal care products. The first-class product palette includes classic scents like 4711 Eau De Cologne or Tabac Original, licensed brands like Betty Barclay and s. Oliver, and prestigious scents like Baldessarini.

Of course, the company wouldn't be where it is today, without its top-notch suppliers. Just as in previous years, the perfume company has bestowed its Best Supplier Award on the supplier with the strongest performance for this reason. After many years of cooperation, Gissler & Pass GmbH from Jülich, Germany was crowned with the award for its outstanding service during the 2015 business year.

Under the leadership of Thomas Gissler-Weber and Manfred Schlapps, Gissler & Pass is currently one of the leading European companies in the corrugated cardboard and packaging industry. Gissler & Pass is responsible for the production of Mäurer & Wirtz cardboard product packaging and an important partner for this reason.

The award is presented depending on the annual supplier evaluation. The perfume maker honours the company with the best average performance in a variety of criteria. Important criteria for the supplier evaluation include price, superlative quality, delivery reliability, communication, and the company's ability to innovate. A supplier can only be designated as the Best Supplier if it meets all of these criteria and more very well.

About Mäurer & Wirtz:

Mäurer & Wirtz is a family-owned enterprise managed by the fifth generation and one of the leading houses for perfume and bodycare. The history of Mäurer & Wirtz is a success story: the soap business founded in 1845 by Michael Mäurer and his stepson Andreas Wirtz has grown to become a global player. In 2016, the company reported sales of €184 million of which 35% were generated in the international markets. The company’s strategic focus is on the management and global expansion of its own brands and the creation of new fragrances for international fashion and lifestyle labels. The three corporate divisions, PRESTIGE, 4711 and BEAUTY, include prestigious fragrances such as BALDESSARINI, classic fragrances like 4711 Original Eau de Cologne and TABAC ORIGINAL as well as licensed brands such as Betty Barclay and s.Oliver. The company is headquartered in Stolberg near Aachen and employs approximately 330 people. In 1990, the company became an independent, wholly owned subsidiary of the DALLI-GROUP.